How To Book Group Tickets on Frontier Airlines?

Everything becomes more interesting when done in a group; when you travel in a group, the positive outcome of the trip increases. When done in groups, the success rate of any event increases. If you have decided to travel in a group, and that too via Frontier Airlines, you must familiarize yourself with the Frontier Airlines group booking rules and regulations. The policies that govern these travels are;

  1. The airline considers booking a group booking when ten or more people fly through the same itinerary. 
  2. All the passengers of this group will need to pay the same amount.
  3. You are allowed to book through the standard fare option.
  4. Name changes are allowed, but only the first change is free. For more than one change, extra charges are applicable.
  5. When you book for a group, you can only make the booking on non-stop or direct flights. Multi Stops flights are not included.
  6. The Frontier Airlines group reservation policies state that each passenger of the group needs to pay an additional $5 as a booking fee.

Before you proceed with Frontier group booking, visit the website and see if flights to your desired location with the required number of seats are available or not. If the seat is available

  1. Go to the Frontier website and select the ‘Contact Us’ below the ‘Need Help’ option.
  2. When you do, a new page dedicated to customer support will load. Again click on the large ‘Contact Us’ tab, highlighted in dark green.
  3. Under this category, you will see that the airline has multiple customer care departments dedicated to different categories. These departments will show all the contact details.
  4. One of these categories, the ‘Group Travel Department,’ sixth one from the top, will start your Frontier Airlines group booking procedure. Under his title, you will see a blue underlined link saying ‘Group Travel.’ 
  5. When you open this, a form fill-up page opens. Read the instructions carefully. This page is a collection of all the details you must become aware of to successfully execute a group trip with Frontier Airlines. Once you have gone through the page, click the dark green ‘Group Travel Form’ link. You can spot it in the first few lines.
  6. Fill out the necessary details and click the light blue ‘Continue’ button at the bottom. Afterward, the website will guide you through the process. 

The airline does not consider a group of 9 or fewer people eligible for Frontier Airlines group reservation, and such a booking can be made through the normal procedure. If you get stuck in the process or need additional help, consider Frontier support team help. 

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