Are you here to call Japan Airlines from the US? Japan Airlines provides various services for the passengers to make their travel more comfortable and convenient. If you want to interact with one of the service experts of Japan Airlines, you can go through the guide mentioned below.

You need to grab the Japan Airlines phone number and follow the steps mentioned below to make a call. So that you will be able to clear all the queries that you have and get all the required information regarding your flight reservations.

How To Call JAL From The US ?

  1. Go to the operative website of Japan Airlines and reach the “contact us” section.
  2. Now, select the region you live in like you can select the US from the given locations list.
  3. Dial The JAL US phone number 1-800-JAL-FONE (1-800-525-3663).
  4. Follow the various IVR instructions you hear on the call.
  5. To speak to live representatives, you need to skip all the number press options on the call.
  6. Now, wait for some time so that your call can be redirected to one of the service agents of Japan Airlines.
  7. Finally, you can clear all the queries related to your flight bookings. Also, you can get information about the services offered by Japan Airlines.

Get JAL Live Chat

If you find any difficulty making a phone call, you do not have to worry. On the official website of Japan Airlines, you can visit the “contact us” section and click on the “chat” option and start texting. A live chat feature helps you get instant information about all your queries.

Drop an Email

To make further requests or to register any complaints, you can use the customer care email of Japan Airlines. Also, feel free to share your feedback through the service email and get quick assistance.

Visit The Nearest Airports.

If you have any urgent queries to make, you can visit the nearest airports to get assistance. There are various customer service hubs of Japan Airlines.

 Available at Almost Every Airport.

So, the above guide will help you interact with a live agent as Japan Airlines customer service is available 24/7 to help and support the customers. You can get to clear all the queries that you have. To avoid any miscommunication, it is better to make a phone call directly and if in case it does not work, Use the various ways mentioned above as well.