What Is The Method To Call United Airlines from Outside The US?

Many travelers who travel around the world need different airlines to book their flight tickets for different destinations. There are scenarios when travelers are stuck at some location due to a pandemic or war and want to Contact United Airlines from outside the US. If you have booked your flight tickets with United Airlines or want to know if they provide their flight services, you might need their assistance. Several methods through which you can contact the customer service person of the airlines; as being a significant airline in America, they allow their passengers to book their flight tickets and contact the customer service person airline.

To Call United Airlines from outside the US, you have to dial their toll-free number at 1-800-864-8331 / 1-802-341-3411 (online travel agency) and follow the IVR procedure given down:

  1. Press on the * button to converse in your mother tongue.
  2. Press the 0 button if you want to know the current status of the airline.
  3. Press on the 1 button to know the booking and canceling process.
  4. Press on the 2 button to ask for compensation or refund from the airline.
  5. Press 3 to go back to the previous option.
  6. Press on the # button to directly get in touch with the customer service person.

Some of The Alternative Methods To Reach The United Airlines:

There are many substitute methods through which you can contact the customer service person of the United airline, and they can provide you with proper help. The methods are mentioned below:

Can You Text United Airlines Customer Service?

Some travelers cannot connect to the airline's customer service person through the phone call method, and they need a substitute to talk to the customer service person. Travelers can get in touch with them via a live chat process issued by the airline for their passengers. It is an online method that can help you to talk on chat, and the ways are as follow:

  • Log in to the airline's official website through your devices, and you can reach the home page.
  • You have to click the contact us option at the bottom of the homepage. A list will appear; select the chat process from the list.
  • Next, on the tab, type the queries you want to ask from the live person and tap on the send button.
  • The live person present will provide you with all the information related to their services.

Can You Email United Airlines?

If passengers are not comfortable with phone calls or live chat, they can opt for another option of connecting with the live person of the airline. They can compose an email by including all their doubts and sending them to their official email address. The customer service representative will instantly respond to your mail and send relevant answers.

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