Delta Airlines Name Change or Correction Policy

In case you have noticed after you booked your flight ticket that you entered an incorrect name on your flight ticket by mistake. Because if you carry the wrong details on your boarding pass, you might get in trouble, and you will easily miss your flight ticket as you will not be able to board your flight. You need to provide a government id or any other identity proof for your name, and you will have to wait for long hours at the airport. But, if you noticed that your ticket name might make you a defaulter, then you must not fret because, with Delta Airlines' name change policy, you will be able to learn about great ways to correct your mistakes with your name, and that too without making any additional efforts.

However, if you need to learn some name change or correction policy, then do not get baffled because, in this below-written content, you will be able to know the rules for a seamless experience regarding name change policy.

How To Change The Name on The Delta Ticket?

To learn and resolve your query regarding Delta Airlines' name change, you need not worry because there are multiple ways to rectify the mistakes within your name. So, you must check out the various ways you can use and execute the name change task here.

  • On the Official website of Delta: This is the way that has been used many times. For this, you need to implement quite simple steps that would be done on the official website in the shortest possible time frame. Further, you need to be ensured with the access manage booking section to get your booking details, and at last, you need to go with the onscreen prompts and get solutions.
  • Airport KIOSK: For correction in your name, you can perform it at the airport by visiting KIOSK at the airport for modifications in the name; you can take help from the present executive, who will assist you immediately.
  • Contact via Delta phone number: In case you wish to make a Delta Airlines Name Change, instead of using the official site or KIOSK, then in such matters, you can switch on to phone number, and once you connect with the live representative on call then you just need to share your details without any doubt you will be guided best by the help of Delta airline representative instantly.

Name Correction Policy For International and Domestic Flights.

For name changes or corrections, you generally connect with the Delta airline executive for assistance. Still, if you need it done yourself, then you should know Delta Airlines Name Correction guidelines before you pursue your process.

  • If you have already corrected your name and it still requires the correction
  • Ahead passengers are offered three letters of the name to be corrected.
  • In case someone is traveling to or from India.
  • Or anyone is flying from or to China.
  • Moreover, the flight tickets are operational by others, such as Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air, KLM, Air France, or Aeromexico.

Therefore, for such help, you must contact Delta airlines representatives in all situations, as they are always reachable for the passenger's help.

Different Situations For The Name Correction

If you have booked a Delta airline flight with the wrong name, it is clear that it is very tough for you to see an incorrect name on the flight detail. There are different situations in the passenger to change their name. Some want to change the first and name, and some the last, so know the possible situations for the name correction with Delta airline through the information below.

Correction To The Middle And The First Name

Passengers have the option to rectify mistakes in the middle and the first name with many conveniences as per Delta Airlines Ticket Name Correction policy because as soon as you initiate the name change procedure, the customer service agent will help you with your query resolving and they will perform these below-mentioned steps for your help.

  • They will check on the PNR first to correct the name
  • With the PNR adding the OSI message, it will suggest that a name correction is completed
  • Further, the airline will issue a ticket in exchange. Which simply states that you cannot make other changes to the flights and dates
  • You need to remember that no waiver code is needed at all
  • Correction to the passenger's last name.

Addition-To The Last Name

The travelers can add some characters to their name and note that, which can be done without changing their current name credentials.

  • For this, a suitable example is Anderson/Elizabeth, which you can change to SMITH ANDERSON/ELIZABETH.
  • After such action, the Delta travel agent will check out your name within the PNR section, and they will add the OSI message.
  • Then the ticket will get reissued as per Delta airline's flight change or correction policy.
  • Note that you are not allowed to make any other modifications to your flight ticket ahead of time.

The Last And First Names Are Reversed on The Ticket.

The option of reverse complete states that in case you enter your first and last name incorrectly, then you can change the Name on the Delta Ticket with the help of using a reversing option which you can use without any hassle and know more about it you need to go through this below section and get following details.

  • For example, ANDERSON/SMITH should get reversed and read like SMITH/ANDERSON.
  • After that, the agent will follow the same steps so to invert the names
  • Further, the OSI message will also get different.

Henceforth, now you know all the necessary information about Delta Airlines' name correction policy; if you still need assistance, you must contact Delta Airlines' customer service travel agent, and then you will get expert help quite conveniently.

Name Change Process of Delta Airlines

  • Browse the official website of delta airlines through a default web engine.
  • Now go to my trips tab from the top panel on the homepage.
  • Provide your booking details like reservation code and passenger name to find your booking.
  • You will see your reservation details in the following window, so navigate to the edit button and click on it.
  • You can make the necessary changes by selecting the personal details option.
  • Now enter your name and follow on-screen instructions till it takes you to the payments page.
  • At last, make the payment if required and get your updated tickets at the registered mailing address. 

Hence, you can change your name on the delta airline reservation in no time. This process will answer your question about how to Change my Name on a Delta Flight Ticket in a hassle-free way. Besides this, passengers can reach out to the customer care representative of delta airlines through calls, live chat, email, and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The customer support team of delta Airlines is 24/7 available to assist.