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There are times when we make some mistakes while writing the name in flight tickets. It may lead to an issue at the ID verification time, and you may not board your flight. To avoid the situation, Spirit Airlines allows you to change your name for free within 24 hours of the booking. However, there should be a seven-day gap in your booking and flight date to make free changes. If you want to change passenger name on Spirit Airlines ticket, you must be aware of some policies given by the airline. But before that, let's check the name change steps of Spirit Airlines.

How to Change The Name of Spirit Airlines?

If you have misspelled your name on the Spirit flight ticket, you need to contact the airline's customer support. You can also make changes to the official website of the airline. To change the name, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Head to the Spirit Airlines official website first.
  2. Open the My Trips section of the homepage and fill in your ticket id.
  3. Enter the last name as per the ticket and Find your booking.
  4. Now, hit the Edit button on your ticket and make the changes.
  5. You are only allowed to change characters in the name so change accordingly.
  6. Now, attach any ID proof and pay the name change fee(if Applicable)
  7. Complete the process to get a revised Spirit Airlines ticket in your email.

You can change the passenger name on a Spirit Airlines ticket with the above steps. But there are some rules for changing a passenger's name. Here are some policies you can check before changing the name.

Name Change Policy of Spirit Airlines.

As per the name change policy of Spirit Airlines, you can't change or transfer the ticket to another passenger.

  1. You can only change up to a few characters depending on your purchased ticket type.
  2. You can only make corrections in your name and change the complete name.
  3. If there is any legal name change or divorce situation, you need to attract legal papers as proof.
  4. You can change the name up to 2 days before the departure of the Spirit flight.
  5. The airline will only allow the complete name change if there is any court order and you have the documents for it.

So, these are some important name change policies of Spirit Airlines. You need to know if you have entered a wrong or incorrect spelling in the ticket. You can also contact the customer representative of the airline to change the passenger name on the Spirit flight ticket. In case of last-minute changes, you need to talk to the Spirit experts and take the help. You need to show your ID proof to customer support in such cases. The Spirit live person will help you resolve the issue of name change in the ticket.

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