Frontier Airlines Check-in

The Frontier airlines check-in policy is as follows:-

  1. You can conduct your check online by the web browser.
  2. you can also check through a mobile app
  3. By using the priority check-in facility you can also check-in.
  4. You can also check-in through the airline counter.
  5. At the airport kiosk facility is also available you can check in via that also.

Frontier Airlines Check-in Time

In frontier airlines, check-in times vary according to your travel plan. Such as you are traveling internationally or you are taking a domestic flight. So frontier airline check-in time is:-

For International Traveling:- when you are taking an international flight then you can check in between 24 hours to 60 minutes before flight departure. That is when you are checking online. But when you have to check-in at the airport counter then visit at least 2 hours before flight departure. But if you have checked in but not your baggage then you have to visit at least 1 hour before the flight.

Domestic Traveling:- if you are boarding from domestic flight then you can check in 45 minutes prior to departure. And if you want to check-in at an airport then you have to visit the airport 2 hours before the flight departure and if you have to only check in baggage then you can visit 1 hour before flight departure.

Frontier Airlines Online Check-in (Web Check-in)

You can also check in the frontier airline through Frontier Airlines Online Web Check-in facility after web check-in you can take the printout directly from your computer and this will help you to fasten up your check-in process. The web check-in and if you are not carrying any baggage then you can skip the line of boarding here are the step for that:-

  1. Visit the official page of Frontier Airlines through your web browser.
  2. Then you will have the option of my trip select that option.
  3. After that, you have the page on which you have to enter your booking reference number and the last name of the passenger
  4. After filling click on the search option.
  5. Now you can select the flight on which you want to check-in.

Frontier Airlines Mobile Check-in

The policy for the Frontier Airlines Mobile Check-in is a different time for domestic and international flights. So steps for mobile check-in are as follow:-

International flight:- when you are taking an international flight then you can check in between 24 hours to 1 hour before the departure of the flight. You can check-in luggage at least 60 minutes before departure. And if you are having the boarding pass on your phone then print out is not necessary.

Domestic flight:- For the domestic flight, you have to check-in between 24 hours to 45 minutes before departure. And for the luggage, you have to check-in at least 45 minutes before the departure of the flight. And the door will close 15 minutes prior to the flight departure. After check-in 

Frontier Airlines Priority Check-in

Frontier airline also provides a special check-in facility to its elite member and to the person who are having a lot of work than can use the priority boarding service of the airline. In priority boarding, you have a special preference at the security check and also for the boarding. So these are the facility you can avail of through Frontier Airlines Priority Check-in.

Frontier Airlines Kiosk Check-in

The Frontier Airlines Kiosk Check-in provides a facility where if your boarding pass gets lost or if you forgot to bring then you may use the kiosk for the check-in. Through this check-in, you can get your boarding pass you can choose your seat or you can upgrade your seat also, or for the luggage check-in too. To check-in through the kiosk:-

  1. You have to tap on the screen and enter your boarding reference number and the last name of the passenger
  2. Registered Email id 
  3. Passport of the passenger

Frontier Airlines Airport Check-in

One more benefit of traveling with a frontier airline is that if you want to check in physically then also you can do so by visiting the Frontier Airlines Airport Check-in counter at the airport. If you want to check-in at the counter then timing check-in for the international passenger that they can check-in 2 hours before the departure flight but if you only have no check-in luggage then you can check in 1 hour before the departure of the flight. And if you are a domestic passenger then you have to check in 2 hours before departure and if you have no luggage then you can check in 45 minutes before departure. If you are checking at the airport by the exact time and any issue occur at the last moment then you may not find a solution in the prescribed time so to avoid that you make take buffer time 

Frontier Airlines’ Special Airport Assistance Services

You can also have the special assistance at the frontier airline such as if some in need of when chair then also you can get the assistance. Sometimes when passengers fly for the first time than they seek assistance on their boarding that facility is also provided by the airline. If you want a minor to travel but you don’t have the tie to travel with them they will be accompanied by the airline service 

Frontier Airlines Contact Details

You can contact the customer service via call and email and online chat and also via social media. If you want to contact customer support then you have to visit the official site of Frontier airline on the below right idea of the corner you will have the option of contacting us there you will have the different options to contact the customer service. if you want to contact via social media then you may use either of the following for Twitter you can use twitter.com/FlyFrontier and if you want to contact through Facebook then you can use facebook.com/FlyFrontier and for Instagram, you can use instagram.com/FlyFrontier. you can raise your concerns through any of the sites following the and the customer service will get back to you. 

Phone Call Us: +1(800)-282-2528 click to call
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