Seat Selection Procedure with Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is the only low-cost carrier airline that serves as the legacy carrier in the aviation industry. You can get flights to domestic and international locations at a mere airfare charge.

If you are new to Southwest Airlines and you need to make sure that you get the perfect available seats on your flight booking, the only question that comes to your mind is How to Choose your seat on Southwest Airlines, well, if that’s the question. You realize that you are going through the same situation, well the answer might be quite striking for you because the answer is not similar to any other situation.

Seat Selection Procedure with Southwest Airlines

It might sound confusing yet amazing, but Southwest doesn’t allow you to choose your seats on the flight reservation you have. You cannot select seats ahead of your flying time. Not only this, but how the seats are decided is also not similar to any other airline. If the only thought that comes to your mind is how can you Reserve seats on Southwest Airlines, then Yes, there definitely is, but it’s not the same as any other airline. 

How To Reserve Seats on Southwest Airlines?

The way through which you can reserve your seats on your Southwest Airlines flight ticket is listed below, and you can quickly get to decide where to sit on the flight accordingly;

  • The seats on Southwest Airlines are decided upon in different categories like the letters A, B, and C.
  • Not only this, you’ll get to decide from a position of 1-60 as well.
  • The seat will be decided upon by the chronological order of the letter and the number that you get.
  • Supposedly, if you get an A1 seat, then you can find yourself a nice little comfortable seat in the front cabin of your Southwest flight.
  • The seats will be provided individually at the time of check-in.

It is not only this, but the seat allocation also depends upon the Southwest Airlines booking. The following points will help you better understand the topic, and you can get yourself a better seat on your Southwest flight effectively.

Tips to Get a Better Seat on Your Southwest Flight

If you wish to get a better seat on your Southwest Flight, then follow through because all the points listed below will help you to get a better seat accordingly;

  • Try to make a flight booking or a reservation at the earliest.
  • If you wish to get a better seat, then make a booking for the Business Class.
  • Try to check in at the earliest because the seats are provided at the time of Check-in.
  • The time of the flight also decides your seat allocation, so try to go with the first flight of the day.

Now, by all means, you can quickly get the best seat for your Southwest Airlines flight and enjoy your flight to the fullest in a hassle-free manner.