Compensation for Delayed Flights on United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the largest and most significant airlines in the United States, providing trips to travelers and allowing many services. Many passengers face problems like delayed flights due to some unavoidable reasons. They might ask queries like What happens if my United flight is delayed? You might face such problems and not be able to board flight tickets. Travelers always want to go on a trip to their favorite destination during their vacations, but they cannot travel in these situations. In such cases, they can ask for compensation for their delayed flight tickets. It is the right of the passengers to ask for compensation from the airline. 

Policies Before Asking for Compensation:

If you are eligible for compensation, you need to follow the policies before asking for compensation. The policies are mentioned below:

  • If you are asking for compensation from the airlines, you have to keep in mind that it should be delayed by the airline.
  • If you want compensation from the airline, the reason should be genuine to claim compensation.
  • If the flight tickets have been delayed due to climatic conditions, political issues or rallies, or war, the passengers will not be compensated. 
  • It will only be allowed for the unexpired or unused tickets of the airlines.

Claim Compensation From The Airlines:

If you want to claim compensation for a delayed flight, you have to follow these steps. There are different types of compensation provided by the airlines to their passengers. Some of the types are mentioned below:

If flights are canceled for more than three hours:

If your flight has been delayed for more than three hours, then this is the compensation you can get from the airline:

  1.  The airline will provide the amount of compensation up to $350.
  2. They will also offer you an alternative flight to the exact destination and time, which you can grab if you do not want the compensation as money.
  3. When you are resting in the lounge area after your flight gets delayed, they will provide you with beverages, food, and other things for your entertainment.

If flights are canceled for more than five hours:

If the passengers’ flight has been delayed for more than five hours, then they can follow these steps to claim their compensation from the airlines:

  1. If the flight is canceled for more than five hours, you can ask for compensation from the airline. 
  2. You can even ask for a full refund for your delayed flight as you have traveled a lot from home to the airport.
  3. They will provide a compensation amount of up to $500.
  4. They also have policies of providing meals, drinks, and lounging areas for their passengers whose flight has been delayed. 
  5. They can also ask you for an alternative flight to the same destination and timing. 
  6. The refund amount will be refunded to the passengers within seven days of requesting it.

The points mentioned above will be helpful for the passengers to ask for compensation for their delayed flights or any other alternative of it. Suppose you are unable to understand all the compensation policies of the airline and the procedure to ask for compensation. In that case, you can even contact the customer service person of United Airlines.