Etihad Airways Flight Change Policy

The most famous Etihad airways cancellation policy is the 24-hour free policy using it You can make changes in your ticket booking for free if you make those changes within 24 hours of ticket booking with Etihad airways, but only if your flight departure from Etihad airways is seven days away from that of cancellation.

  • If you have a non-refundable ticket, you cannot change your ticket. They can only be made if you have a refundable ticket from Etihad.
  • Now flight change fees depend on your ticket type and the route of your journey for which you must make a ticket booking.
  • If you make any changes within 96 hours of the scheduled departure time, you have to note that you will be charged an additional 10% fee.

In some rare cases, you may find that the outward journey has been canceled, but you have your connecting flight. Then it would help if you don't do anything, and your booking will be updated soon by Etihad airways.

What Changes Can Be Made by Etihad Flight Change Policy?

You have gone through the Etihad Airways flight change policy. Now you might be thinking of the changes you can make to your Etihad ticket, so you have to know that the changes that can be made to your ticket vary, and you should note all of them are as follows.

Name Change

Suppose you have committed an error while booking your ticket, and your name does not match the id. This is a cause of concern as it will affect your entry at the airport, so if you want to make changes to your name, then you are only allowed to make changes only once, and you can correct your name up to 3 characters. Now, if you change your name according to this, you won't be charged a fee. However, if you want an addition of a surname and middle name, then it will cost you a fee of $100 for each ticket to be changed with the airline.

Special Services

Etihad Airways allows its travelers to make changes in their services, and you can also tell them that you want to use their special assistance service. Special services have various advantages, especially for those who want wheelchairs, those with autism or dementia, and those who have difficulty with social interaction and communication. These services are covered in the policy of special assistance.

Travel Insurance

If you have made a ticket booking using travel insurance, then Etihad does not permit you to make changes. In the case of a reward flight, the guest seat is not eligible for the same. For that reason, people are advised to choose tickets wisely. There might be some time when you have to cancel your whole itinerary with Etihad airways.

How To Change Etihad Booking?

Online Flight Change

Sometimes when you want to change Etihad booking with Etihad online, you must follow some process. For an online Etihad flight change, you need to follow these steps.

  • First, you have to start by going to the official site of Etihad airways.
  • You must find the manage booking option when you have accessed the website.
  • Click on manage booking, and then after that page is clicked
  • Now at this step, a new page will be opened where you have to give fields such as booking number and last name
  • After that, you have to search, which is the next step
  • To search, you have to click on continue, and after that, you will retrieve all your tickets booked with this airlines
  • You will see all the tickets that you have with Etihad Airways
  • You have to click on the one which you want to change and then look for other dates you want from the available
  • Now select a flight from other dates and then pay the application fee only if necessary to pay
  • Finally, you can follow the screen instructions to make your rescheduling progress a success.

Offline Flight Change

You can change the ticket offline as well. For offline Etihad flight changes, you have to call Etihad's number, which is given on their official website. After going to the website, you will get numbers according to your country. After that, you have to call on 1 877-690-0767, and after connecting to the customer service portal of Etihad, you have to choose an appropriate language. Then you have to get connected to customer service and ask them to change your ticket. You will be asked a reason for the same, and then they will tell all the available dates to you. Now you have to choose a date, and it will complete your ticket change process, and you will receive an email confirming your ticket.

Etihad Airways Ticket Change Fee

Although there is a time when you can make free changes to your ticket, that is 24 hours for cancelation where you have to make changes within 24 hours of making your ticket booking with Etihad airways. Now, if you have exceeded that time, i.e., if you want to cancel after 24 hours, you can change your Etihad airways ticket. For that, you have to pay Etihad airways ticket change fee of $200 cost, and after that, your changes will be reflected in your ticket.

You will also not be charged if Etihad airways cancel your ticket, you will get a refund in that case, or Etihad will make sure you get your flight changed to another time.

Things To Consider Before Making Etihad Flight Changes

If you want to make changes to your ticket with Etihad, then you have to consider a few things before making those changes

  • You can only make the change on your ticket once.
  • Suppose your booking has any other airline; you must cancel current bookings. If you make new bookings, you must ensure that the correct name is used in booking the ticket. The fare difference might apply.
  • If you want to make any changes to your ticket, you have to submit a copy of your passport and applicable documents to Etihad airways, and then changes will be made to your ticket.
  • If you have a ticket booked with a third party, they need to be contacted to change the ticket.