How Can You Get a Refund if You Cancel Your Vistara Flight?

Are you looking for information on how to get your refund from Vistara Airlines? People may be thinking about how they might get a refund from Vistara Airlines if they have to cancel their flights. Vistara Airlines offers the most suitable refund option when a passenger has to cancel a flight due to some emergency. Check out the details below to discover more about how you can request your Vistara refund if you have to cancel a flight with them.

How to Get a Refund from Vistara if You Have to Cancel a Flight?

Vistara Airlines passengers who have to cancel their bookings for whatever reason can do so for a refund. If you're looking for instructions on how to get a refund from Vistara Airlines, look at the data below.

  1. Go to the Vistara Airlines website and fill out the form for your qualified flight to get a refund.
  2. Then proceed to the reservation cancellation area to complete a refund application form.
  3. After that, you must complete the form by entering your flight information and also your personal details.
  4. Afterward, please fill out the refund request form and mail it to Vistara to get your money back.
  5. If you want, you can contact the Vistara reservations department directly and request a refund.

What is The Refund Policy if You Cancel a Flight with Vistara?

Vistara understands its passengers' needs and allows them to receive a refund for a canceled flight ticket if certain terms and circumstances are met. Learn more about the Vistara refund policy by reading the following material.

  1. You are not allowed to cancel your basic economy Vistara ticket for a refund after the 24-hour time limit from the moment your ticket was originally booked.
  2. If you've purchased a non-refundable flight, you will be charged a few dollars for domestic trips and $200 to $500 for international trips. After that, you'll get a refund from Vistara in the form of credit for the balance of your fare, minus the cost.
  3. If you have a Vistara refundable or flexible ticket, you can cancel at any time before your flight's departure and be refunded in your original payment method.

In addition, you can seek assistance from a Vistara customer service representative to learn more about the refund they issue when you cancel a flight with them.