How Do I Get in Touch With Royal Air Maroc?

Suppose you have met with an issue while traveling with the Royal Air Maroc. In that case, you can use the Royal Air Maroc phone number, chat, or its email or social media accounts to communicate with the customer survival team and avail the answer to your doubts.

Services Offered by Royal Air Maroc Customer Service Team

When you wish to get hold of the Royal Air Maroc customer service, you can get to them for any issue you face with this airline. And here are a few lists of services that are offered by the customer service team.

  • Grab the lowest fare
  • Aware customers of delays, cancellations, and route diversion
  • Deliver on-time baggage
  • Provide refund
  • Respond to the complaint
  • Offer special assistance

What Is The Fastest Way To Reach The Royal Air Maroc Customer Service Team?

While taking the services from Royal Air Maroc, if you have been stuck in a situation that required immediate assistance from the airline, then dial the official number of the airline. To obtain the phone number, follow the procedure stated below or use this Royal Air Maroc phone number 1 (800) 344-6726.

  • In the beginning, you have to open the authenticated site of the airline using the tip of the preferred website.
  • When the web page opens, you must select the contact us option from the above taskbar.
  • Further, you will have different phone numbers according to the country.
  • Dial Royal Air Maroc contact number 1 800-344-6726/+1-805-308-7232, and follow the IVR option for a quick connection with customer service.
    • Choose a language.
    • Tap 1: for status
    • Tap 2: for new reservation/booking.
    • Tap 4: for the flight change.
    • Tap 5: for beggar inquiry.
    • Tap 9: Ask the customer service team.

Methods of Contacting Royal Air Maroc Customer Service

When you have used the call to approach the Royal Air Maroc customer service, but due to the network issue or the increase of on-hold time, you cannot speak with them. Then you can use the alternate options form below.

How Do I Contact Royal Air Maroc via Live Chat?

from the live chat option, you can get to the Royal Air Maroc airline and get this option, and you have to click on the contact us page. On that page, click on the chat icon, and you will be in touch with the airline customer service.

How To Email Royal Air Maroc?

Apart from the chat option, you can also try emailing the customer service team. And to browse the email address, you must get on the contact us page. After that, you will receive the email address of the airline on the left side of the tab. Copy that email and use it in your application while compositing the email to the airline.

How Do I Contact Royal Air Maroc via Social Media?

You can also find the customer service of the Royal Air Maroc airline on social media. And the social media account details from the official page's foot.