A Detailed Guide on Egyptair Refund Policy

If you have an existing Egyptair flight booking or reservation and you need to claim your Egyptair refund but you have got no idea about its refund procedure or policy, if that's so, the following will benefit you significantly.

Egyptair Refund Policy

You can understand the refund policy of Egyptair by going through the points listed below;

  1. You can get a full refund on your Egyptair flight tickets if you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of your flight booking.
  2. They will only consider the criteria mentioned above if your scheduled departure is at least 7 days away from the date of cancellation.
  3. You can only claim an Egyptair refund for the flight tickets purchased with the help of the official Egyptair website or by calling their reservations number.
  4. If you do not meet the Egyptair refund policy, a cancellation fee will be deducted from your original payment, and the remaining amount will be credited as a refund.
  5. The refund will be credited via the original payment method; if you paid with the help of cash, the amount will be credited to your bank account.

Therefore, the points listed above will help you understand the Egyptair refund policy, and you can get your refund from the Egyptair team accordingly.

How To Get a Refund from Egyptair?

You can get a refund from the Egyptair refund team via the points listed below;

  1. Visit the official Egyptair website with the help of a preferred browser.
  2. Once the next page loads completely, click on the 'My Bookings' option present in the main section tab.
  3. Enter the following details in the dedicated section boxes;
  4. Booking reference
  5. Passenger's last name
  6. Once you've entered the correct details, click on the option 'See your bookings.'
  7. The following page will showcase all your Egyptair flight bookings.
  8. If you've already canceled your Egyptair flight tickets, click on the option 'Request a Refund.'
  9. If you haven't canceled your tickets yet, cancel them and follow the refund procedure.
  10. Please fill out the complete refund request form and send it to their reservations team.
  11. You'll receive an official notification that your Egyptair refund process has been initiated.

Therefore, you can get your refund from the Egyptair team with the help of all the points listed above, and the refund will be credited within 21 business days from the date of your request. If it takes more than 21 days, contact your bank for any problems with the payment not getting credited to your account.