How To Refund My IndiGo Flight Ticket?

Are you looking for a Refund From Indigo Airlines? Indigo Airlines ensures that if you require or somehow cancel your reservation with indigo airlines, you will be entitled to a full refund. The Indigo Airlines refund policy due to Covid will change, and you can easily avail yourself of their services.

Steps To Get Your Refund From the Indigo Airlines

Step 1:- Enter your PNR Number or your booking Reference number.

  • Firstly visit the official website of indigo.
  • You will find the option that says home, edit booking, and refund.
  • Do click on the refund option. Once you do, click in there and proceed to the refund process.
  • Put details such as your booking reference number and last name in the given section.
  • Departure (From to where ) and your booking will be Retrieved.

Step 2:- Select Cancel Booking

  • Under this step, your booking will be retrieved, and you have to cancel your booking.
  • And next to it, you will find the option which says avail refund with the cancellation fees.
  • Your reservation will be canceled as per your preference, and the refund process will proceed after clicking in there.
  • Once you do click in, you can easily avail yourself of their services.

Step 3:- Proceed To The Refund Option

  • Once you do, click on the refund option.
  • Your refund will proceed, and soon, you get a mail on your official email stating that your refund is being processed.
  • Your refund will be provided within 7 -20 business working days.
  • The refund will be provided or given to you in the same mode as you have made your reservation and are duly able to get its services.
  • Any passenger who has canceled their reservation with indigo airlines can get its services within a given time frame after their cancellation fees are charged accordingly.
  • You can easily avail of their services within a given time frame and get them at any given time.

The ways which are mentioned above will guide you about the fact how you can get a refund from indigo during the lockdown and be able to get its services within a given frame of time as indigo airlines services are available 24 hours or round the clock to assist their customers and duly able to receive their services and does get the services you need from them.

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