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How Do I Speak to Someone at Etihad?

Etihad Airways is the Second flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates. Its headquarters are in Abu Dhabi. It is being termed as the second largest airline in the UAE after Emirates. It has a frequent flyer programme by the name of Etihad Guest.

There are Several Ways Through which One can get Connected Through Etihad Airways.

Via Phone.

There are several ways through which one can get connected through live representatives via phone. On phone one one easily gets connected through a live representative providing the resolution one’s required if one is facing an issue regarding flight reservation or before the after the reservation . One can easily get connected through live representatives as they are available 24x7 to assist its customers. Etihad customer service: 1-877-690-0767, +971 600 555 666 , +971 52 688 4846 or +971 2 2055 999 are always there to assist its customers.

How Do I Contact Etihad by Phone

  1. Firstly one has to Log-in to the official site: of Emirates. 
  2. Scroll down the screen, downwards you will find the option contact us one has to click in there .
  3. Dial: 1 877-690-0767 (for USA), +971 600 555 666 (for UAE), +971 52 688 4846 or +971 2 2055 999 (for PAK) and get a resolution of their answers.

Via Chat.

Chat is the easiest and prompt way to get connected through live - representative. Live - representative will provide you the resolution to your problems. Live chat representatives will provide the resolution one’s required in order to provide better services to its customers .Steps through which one can easily get connected via chat.

  1. Firstly, one has to log -in to the official site ( of the emirates.
  2. Afterwards one has to scroll down the screen, where in one will find an option of contact us.
  3. One has to click in there (Contact -us) option , after click  -in there one has to look for the option of live chat (which says /speak with our live representative ). 
  4. By following the above methods one can easily get connected through live - representative via cha. 

Etihad Airways live chat is always there to assist its customers and one can easily get connected through it by following a few steps. 

Via Email. 

If all the methods fail due to certain reasons one can easily get connected through email ( and put their query forward to the Emirates team by filling a form and get a resolution to their problems one is facing after making a reservation one has to fill an enquiry form to get an answer of their problems. Etihad Airways Customer Service will provide you with resolutions required to assist its customers.

Phone Call Us: +1-805-308-7232 click to call
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