How To Reschedule My SpiceJet Flight Ticket?

SpiceJet is known to be a renowned passenger carrier and ranked second for carrying domestic passenger carriers. In today's time, there is a need to change the rigid policies that sound dissatisfactory to customers. So Spice Jet comes up with the plan of providing flexible plans and policies to the customer. From ticket booking to rescheduling and from rescheduling to onboarding, Spice Jet always provides full customer help to their customers. There are many people, who are far away from technology, and they need to travel, and moreover, they need to reschedule their flights. They started feeling "How to reschedule Spice Jet flight ticket" if they wish for in case of any emergency or need. So, yes, flight tickets of Spice jet can be rescheduled by following some below down steps that will help customers to get out of this situation.

Steps of Rescheduling SpiceJet Flight Ticket-

  • Open the official website of Spice Jet with the help of any reliable or genuine web browser of your choice.
  • Now you will see the option "manage booking" on the right-hand side of the official website.
  • Now user needs to tap on that manage booking option, and the user will ask whether to go for cancelation or rescheduling subject to applicability. 
  • Applicability includes;
    • Flight postponed,
    • Delayed by 60minutes,
    • Delayed by 120 minutes
  • The user is asked to choose one option from 2 
    • Alternate fight with no cost
    • Full refund subject to some eligibility
  • Then the customer requires to fill in the email address/last name and PNR and tap on the search.
  • Now they will ask you to choose whether individual or group ticketing. In the case of group ticketing, customers need to reschedule every ticket and in individual ticketing rescheduling user just needs to follow instructions appearing on the screen.
  • There might be some additional charges also which are known to be SpiceJet reschedule charges that need to pay as the additional amount as compensation if the above-mentioned conditions are not fulfilled.
  • Now just follow the instructions that are appearing on the screen and users' tickets will be rescheduled.

Following the above steps can facilitate the rescheduling of tickets for SpiceJet flights. In case the user is still feeling difficult, they can directly contact customer care by–

  • just opened up the official website
  • scrolling down, the user will see the options of call, email, or various social media symbols like Instagram, Facebook, etc

Various modes are listed down.

  1. Via phone number- Customers can directly place a call to the customer care number regarding any rescheduling on the number provided on the company's website, and on following their instructions, customers can directly talk to the customer executive.
  2. Via email- Customers can directly compose n email stating their issue and sent it to the official email id given on the official website or generate a request through the "request a form" option.
  3. Via social media- Customers can directly have contact with Spicejet through social media platforms.
  4. via mobile apps- Customers can download the mobile app on their portable device whether apple or android

Customers may be noted that changes should be made 3 days prior to the traveling period.

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