How Do Boarding Groups Work on United?

United Airlines is a major American Airline having its headquarters in Willis Towers in Chicago. By the number of flights it operates daily and its fleet size, it is the world’s third-largest airline in the world. United Airlines has made quite a few changes to its boarding process recently, and for the frequent or rather average flyer, it has been a bit tough to follow.

Below you shall find all the details of the United Airlines boarding process. You shall come to know how many boarding groups they have, which flyers belong in which groups, and how to make boarding from the gate onto the plane as easy and stress-free as possible.

In case you are wondering as to How do you Board Group 1 United, then the following steps shall help you out-

  • Group 1 shall have to board through the blue lane
  • Group 1 members include
  • Premier Platinum members
  • Premier Gold members
  • Star Alliance Gold members
  • And the passengers seated in premium cabins- United Polaris, United First, and United Business

In other words group, 1 caters to the mid-level elite members and also to anybody flying first class, business class, or Polaris.

For United Airlines Group Boarding

United Airlines makes use of six groups for boarding -the first group is the Pre-Boarding and then numbered Groups from one to five. Each flyer is assigned to one of these groups for boarding, and then there are lines for each group set up at the gate for easy boarding.

If you are entitled to certain pre-boarding or membership categories, you can board ahead of your assigned group.

First, You Shall Start by Checking in To The Airport.

Generally, for domestic flights, you would want to arrive at least an hour before your flight’s boarding time if you’re not checking in bags, and in the second scenario at least ninety minutes prior to your flight’s boarding time if you are checking bags and for inexperienced travelers, arriving two hours before departure is the standard and considered safe.

You can find the estimated boarding time on your boarding pass. Make a note that this time is subject to change depending on the status of delays.

In addition, it is always possible that your gate could change as well so always keep your eye on the flight display boards located throughout the airport and lounges.

The planes usually start to board about thirty-five to fifty minutes prior to departure depending on the size of the aircraft.

Once you arrive at the gate to board you should see signs suggesting where you need to line up. Groups one and two will be able to line up but United Airlines may ask for groups three to five to have a seat until those groups are called at a later time.

In case you are wondering about united airlines Pre-Boarding, in such a situation, you can go through the manual below

Pre-Boarding Members Include 

  • Unaccompanied minors-They are children who are between five and fourteen years old and travel without a parent, legal guardian or someone who is at least eighteen years old. 
  • Customers with disabilities

If you have a disability that is visible like being in a wheelchair, on crutches, etc. you will be able to board without questions. But if your disability is not as obvious you should speak to a gate agent about getting priority boarding

  • Active military members
  • United global services members
  • Premier 1K members

Premier 1K is the second-highest elite membership.