What is the procedure to check-in for Hawaiian Airlines booking?

Have you already booked reservations with Hawaiian Airlines and wish to check-in for your reservations? Luckily, Hawaiian Airlines offers travelers multiple options to check-in and get their boarding passes in time. And for the travelers unaware of the procedure can go through the details shared in this article. 

Ways to check-in for Hawaiian Airline booking

For travelers who wish to perform Hawaiian Airlines check-in can perform the following procedure and get their boarding passes. If required, the traveler can even reach out to the airline customer service for assistance. 

1) Web check-in 

The web check-in is available to the travelers 24 hours before the departure of the flight. And to perform the online check-in process, the traveler can follow the steps shared below:

  1. Click on the check-in tab present on the airline website. 
  2. Then, provide the reservation code and last name of the traveler. 
  3. After that, the traveler can retrieve the booking and proceed. 
  4. Now, the traveler can check in their bags or make the necessary changes to the reservation.
  5. And then, the traveler can confirm the changes and complete the check-in process to get a boarding pass. 

2) Mobile check-in

The traveler can even perform the Online check-in on Hawaiian Airlines by using the mobile app. For this process, the traveler can open the airline app and tap on the check-in option. Further, the traveler can enter the reservation details and find the booking. And follow the on-screen steps to complete the check-in process. 

3) Airport check-in

For travelers who are not tech-savvy can opt to check-in for their reservations at the airport. All one needs to visit the kiosk available at the airport and mention the confirmation code to find the booking details. And then, the traveler can check in their bags and get the boarding pass for their Hawaiian Airline booking.

Thus, these are the few Hawaiian Airlines check-in options offered. However, if the traveler faces an issue with the online check-in process, one can reach out to the airline representative for assistance and get their boarding pass in time. 

Besides, for travelers who fail to check-in at the airport, one can reach out to help the airline counters and seek assistance to check-in for their reservations.

So, now as travelers know how to perform the check-in process for Hawaiian Airlines bookings, one can use the information shared and plan out their trip with the airline in time.