How To Redeem My Delta Voucher?

Vouchers have become an integral part of the tourism industry. Be it the refund voucher or a discount/offer voucher, they always prove to be a great help. Your airline may allow you to use your voucher at different places, but the transaction always occurs under certain rules and regulations. Delta Airlines has also adopted the same framework. Therefore, it has introduced the following ways for voucher utilization.

Methods To Claim Delta Voucher

Your pursuit of How do I claim my Delta voucher? I will bring you to the following two options. It would help if you noted that you could only use coupons issued by Delta Airlines. Once you know which voucher you wish to use, you can use any following ways.

Official Website

One of the easiest ways to redeem your voucher is through the booking system on the airline homepage. Replicate the given points to complete the procedure.

  • Visit the official website and search for your desired flight.
  • Once you have decided on your flight, proceed to check out.
  • At the payment window, look for selecting the payment methods.
  • Select the ‘Redeem my Delta voucher’ option.
  • Fill in the voucher code and press the button to apply it.
  • The payment window will show you the final price to be paid after the application of the voucher and will ask you to confirm.
  • Press the confirmation, and you are done.

Passengers can also use the voucher for booking/buying fight-related services. You need to open the "My Trip" tile and retrieve your flight details. Go to the additional service section and select the services you wish to purchase. You can similarly use the voucher as before to pay for the services.

Ticketing Counter

You can redeem your paper vouchers at Air France, Delta, and KLM counters. Paper vouchers can not be redeemed at the website; you need to visit the ticketing counter for this. You may do this at check-in or anytime after the booking. Select the service you wish to apply the voucher to and submit your paper voucher to the counter agent.

Important Points

When you reach the How do I claim my Delta voucher? the solution, keep these points in mind.

  • No transaction fee is applied for voucher use at the mentioned two locations.
  • Use of vouchers through Delta channels other than the mentioned ones will charge fees.

For more clarification, please utilize the Delta customer-care number.