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How Do British Airways Provide Customer Service?

British Airways is the second-largest airline in the United Kingdom, in terms of its number of aircraft and passengers flown. It has its headquarters in London, England, and its main hub, which is nearby Heathrow Airport.

You can get in touch with British Airways customer service representative: 1-800-247-9297 (US), +44 (0)203 250 0145 or +44 204-571-0765 (UK), 877-767-7970 (from within the US), If you have any query about your flight booking or reservations or anything to do with your itinerary.

How Do I Get Through to BA?

  1. Go to the official website of British Airways, which is
  2. Once you are there, locate the help tab and click on it.
  3. A drop-down appears on the screen where you need to focus on the assistance column.
  4. Select the second option beneath the assistance column, Contacts and FAQs, and click on it.
  5. You are redirected to a new page, where on the top of the screen you find the contact us option again if you need to speak directly with British Airways.
  6. Once you click on it, a new page opens. You find on that page the relevant telephone numbers.
  7. Dial:1 (800) 247-9297 (USA), +44 (0)203 250 0145 (United Kindom), 877-767-7970 (From within the US)
  8. Once you dial the number, you are taken through the various options prompted by the IVR.
  9. Before you get connected to the customer service through this number, make sure you have all the documents in front of you so that it serves as a ready reckoner.

British Airways Helpline Number for United Kingdom

  1. New Booking: 0344 493 0787
  2. Booking Changes: 0344 493 0787
  3. Special Meals: 0344 493 0787
  4. Check Your Flight Status: 0344 493 0777
  5. Group Travel Booking: 0344 493 0765
  6. Refund for Flight Booking : 0344 493 0787
  7. Delayed Baggage: 0344 493 0785
  8. Travelling with Disability : 0800 408 1100

British Airways Helpline Numbers for USA

  1. New Booking: 1-800-247-9297
  2. For Changes: 1-800-247-9297
  3. British Airways Holidays: 1-877-4282228
  4. British Airways Refund : 877-767-7970
  5. Delayed Baggage: 1-800-828-8144

How Do I Contact British Airways Via Email

There is another option of reaching British Airways, which is through an email form.

  1. You need to go to the official website.
  2. Click on the Assistance tab, where a drop-down appears. Click on the contacts and FAQs tab.
  3. You are redirected to a new page, where you find the Contact Information tab below on the page.
  4. Under the Contact Information tab, click on All other Enquiries tab
  5. A drop-down shows you the email option along with telephone numbers and addresses.
  6. Click on the email form, after which you are redirected to a page that asks you to submit your details under the Email Us option.
  7. Fill in all the necessary details like your BA reference number, email address, name, along with the flight details. Lastly, you need to enter your query in the description box.

Through the methods mentioned above, you can reach British Airways, through its impeccable customer service.

How Do I Contact British Airways for a Refund?

British Airways is fully committed to helping each of its passengers enjoy the best possible experience, wherever you might be traveling. This article sets out the information that you can expect when traveling with British Airways and the relevant information on how they can help, should things not go according to plan.

British Airways is one of the best brands in the aviation industry. One expects the best from their side. Let us find out how you can Contact British Airways for a refund. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Contact British Airways via Phone Call for Refund

  1. Dial: 1-877-767-7970 the British Airways refund official customer service number.
  2. Once you are connected, choose a preferred language.
  3. The IVR gives you menu options.
  4. Select the option related to Refunds.
  5. Once you connect with a representative, you can discuss the issue related to refunds with them.

Therefore, this is how you can connect through phone support with British Airways. If you feel you require further clarity on the issue of Refund, you can do so through the live chat option. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Contact British Airways for Refund via Live Chat

  1. Go to the British Airways website: (
  2. Would you mind locating the customer service tab and clicking on the chat support icon
  3. A window opens with multiple options where you need to select Refunds.
  4. The chatbot asks for your email, contact number, email address, and PNR details.
  5. Then the chatbot connects you to a live chat agent with whom you can discuss your issue related to Refunds.

Through the above procedure, you can connect with a live chat agent. However, if you feel you need further assistance concerning Refunds, you can avail of the email support of British Airways.

Steps to Contact British Airways for Refund via Email

  1. Go to the British Airways website: (
  2. Locate the customer service tab and click on the email support icon.
  3. As you do so, the email address gets displayed on the screen.
  4. When dropping an email, keep in mind that you can explain your Refund issue in detail.
  5. Also, depending upon the complexity of the Refund issue, that much time might be taken by the Airline; therefore, having patience here is the key.

Therefore, this is how you can contact the British Airways refund helpline number and get your issue sorted with respect to Refunds. Also, do not forget to give your feedback on your experience with the agent on their web portal.

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