Speak Online with Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service

Ethiopian Airlines provides you with pretty decent facilities to reserve your flight ticket online at an affordable rate. Suppose you are willing to prefer to visit your favorite destination and looking for genuine assistance to secure your booking. In that case, you are always free to contact Ethiopian Airlines live person who is free to assist you at your required time in a decent manner. You can discuss your doubts about the complete flight booking service and gain valuable tips to appropriately protect your booking for a longer time.

How Do I Talk to Someone on Ethiopian Airlines?

It will be no surprise if you are eager to talk to someone about sharing your question and want to sort out your problems. Every passenger must get the complete solution and be ready to connect with someone to discuss the issue. Likewise, suppose you are willing to talk to someone on Ethiopian Airlines customer service to gain comprehensive guidance. In that case, you must choose Ethiopian Airlines' phone number and dial 1 800 445-2733 on your phone and get a relevant answer from someone without wasting more time. If you are excited to talk to someone, achieving the best way to speak by preferring the phone call would be pretty much easier than other contact mediums.

Check with The Steps to Talk to Someone on Ethiopian Airlines:

  • First, open your internet browser and find the official booking website of Ethiopian Airlines.
  • Go to the booking page, where you must scroll down and select the contact us section soon.
  • You get the phone call section and select the phone number you want to dial securely.
  • Go through the IVR voice menu, which permits you to press 1 to select your preferred language.
  • Press 2 to choose the existing and new booking and 3 for the general questions.
  • Press 4 for making some changes or cancellations and press 5 miles and refund information.
  • Press 6 to get information about the luggage details and inquiries, and press * or # to talk.
  • You will get a chance to explain your queries and get the answer immediately over a phone call.

Services Offered by Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service:

When you wish to connect with the best customer service team of Ethiopian Airlines, you can expect the best services for making changes and cancellations. You will get the particular phone numbers to reach Ethiopian Airlines. The toll-free number is 918000401687, which you can dial to seek relevant information for the services at a specific time.

  • Manage your booking.
  • Flight check-in.
  • Choose your best seats.
  • The best services to upgrade your classes.
  • Re-book your flight on the same new flight after missing it.
  • Get help for onboard connectivity service.
  • Providing a safe flight journey and getting the cargo transportation service perfectly.

What is The Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service Opening Hours?

It is stated that when you go for the check-in process at the counter, Ethiopian Airlines customer service is open three hours before departure, and counters remain closed one hour before departure. You can check with the counters open from 18 to 20 hours, and for any general queries, you can contact the customer service team at any time suitably. Working Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 16:00hs to 22:00hs.

What Are The Methods of Reaching Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service?

If you wish to reach the customer service team of Ethiopian Airlines, go through the genuine points.

Phone Call:

It will be very simple to use a phone call section and reach a live person instantly. When you visit the booking website, you will surely reach Ethiopian Airlines by Phone call and dial 1 800 445-2733 phone number to share your queries securely.


Ethiopian Airlines allows you to reach a customer service team using a social media service like WhatsApp that you can use to share your questions and get the answer instantly. You can contact Ethiopian Airlines via WhatsApp contact: 55 11 951900018 (WhatsApp).

Live Chat:

Ethiopian assists you regarding flight booking service using a live chat. You must enter the genuine user ID and mobile phone number and get a solution promptly.

Email Support:

You can also try reaching the customer service team using an email (atendimento@ethiopianairlines.com) service and share your queries to get the correct answer at the right time effortlessly.

Thus, you can reach the Ethiopian Airlines customer service team is available to assist you at your suitable time comfortably.