What is JetBlue Confirmation Code?

A confirmation code is an alphanumeric six-digit code. Each airline-issued ticket contains a code known as a confirmation code. You can receive the confirmation code in many ways, like you can receive it via mail, phone, call, etc. Let's understand in detail how to get a JetBlue confirmation code.

How To Receive a JetBlue Confirmation Code?

Confirmation code and e-ticket are both different things. An E-ticket is the code or receipt number; you get it from the online travel agency to look up your itinerary. You will get a confirmation code once your booking is confirmed.

When you book a ticket directly through some airline, they send you an e-ticket number and confirmation code in one mail.

Sometimes, you don't receive a confirmation code, like when you fly on standby; you may only have an e-ticket number. In that case, you receive a confirmation code at the check-in counter at the airport. You will receive a JetBlue confirmation code on your boarding pass.

If you are planning to reserve your seat in advance at the airport, you don't have your confirmation code. You can call 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) or 1-805-308-7232 the airline customer support team and ask for the confirmation code.

The most common way to receive a confirmation code is to book your ticket online through the official website. Once the booking is made, you received a mail that shows that your booking is confirmed; you also received a confirmation code in that mail. After the booking is made, you also get the confirmation code on the screen. When you enter the phone number during the booking process, you receive a confirmation code via text message.

Find my JetBlue confirmation code-In case you don't receive your booking number during the flight booking, you can visit the section My TRIP on the website. Follow the instruction online to retrieve your booking details. You also get the confirmation code on your flight ticket.

What is The Use of a Confirmation Code?

A confirmation code is a proof that your flight is booked. You need a confirmation code to get a boarding pass during the check-in process. The confirmation code is used for seat selections; you cannot select your seat without a confirmation code. So you must have the confirmation code before you fly.

How to get a JetBlue confirmation code? You can access the confirmation code from the above methods anytime. If there is any difficulty during the process or anything, you can always contact the JetBlue airline customer support team to get the confirmation code.