How To Manage My Alaska Airlines Booking?

Alaska Airlines is one of the significant airlines headquartered in Washington. It comes in the top 5 airlines of America, maintaining 5th position in terms of fleet size, carried passengers, and served destinations. It's all 3-star certified, reviewing food and beverages, staff services, onboard airports, cleanliness, etc. The destination is important, but the journey makes you what you are.

If you want to make your journey comfortable, people choose good airlines like Alaska airlines. Alaska airlines provide you best in everything. Its customer service is also very smooth. If you have made your booking and don't know how to manage your Alaska airlines booking, follow these simple steps to deal with your problem.

Steps That Must Follow To Manage You Are Booking

  • Go to the website of Alaska Airlines.
  • The page that pops up in front of you is the page where you get the
  • Option of 'manage' beside the book option.
  • But if you have not signed up, sign up for it first.
  • Click on manage, and there you have to fill in your last name
  • And your confirmation code which you have got at the time of booking, then click it.
  • There you can see all the details of your booking.
  • Then there are a few options regarding changes like what you want to upgrade.
  • Click on the option you want to change.
  • Follow the given instruction.
  • Before accepting, they will ask you to pay the money.
  • After payment, the session will end for Alaska airlines managing to book.
  •  And you will get the confirmation via email.

Manage Booking via a Live Person

  • If you are not able to do it online.
  • You can also contact a live person on chat and phone
  • Go to the website.
  • At the button, you will find the option of 'contact us.'
  • There you will get three options: chat, email, or phone.
  • By choosing the chat option, you will tell your issue and the changes you want.
  • They will ask for detailed information about your reservation plus payment.
  • And your changes will be done.

Via Email

  • First, send them an email telling them you want to manage your booking.
  • And also what kind of change you want to make.
  • You get an email from them within a few minutes asking about the reservation details and how much you will have to pay.
  • They will make all the necessary changes by paying and sending you a confirmation mail.

Contact Alaska Airlines via Customer Care Number.

  • Dial Alaksa was given number 1 (800) 252-7522 on the website.
  • When you get connected, the robotic voice asks you to 
  • Select your preferred language and redirect your call to one of the experts.
  • By informing all the details, they will help you to manage your booking.

This blog lets you understand how to manage my Alaska airlines booking. Trust me; it will be worth managing your booking because your booking is on Alaska Airlines.