How Do I Contact Seletar Airport Customer Service?

Seletar Airport is one of Singapore's most commonly used airports, where many International and Domestic flights operate. For any help or information, you can always contact the airport customer service as they are available to assist you with your problem and provide information. To connect with a live representative, you have to contact them between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm. You can call customer service, send an email, or fill out a contact form to connect with a representative.

How Do I Call Seletar Airport Customer Service by Phone?

If you want to get through with customer service through a call, then you can use the Seletar Airport phone number (+65) 6595 6868 and get the solution for your problem. The phone call connects you directly with a representative, and he will assist you. Following is the process to get a representative at the airport through a phone call:

  • Dial the Seletar Airport phone number (+65) 6595 6868.
  • Select your language by clicking the button.
  • Choose any service from the IVR menu.
    • For any reservation, press 1
    • For any changes to your booking, press 2
    • For the lost and found department, press 3
    • For Special Assistance, press 4
    • For Seletar Airport customer service, press 9
  • Then, after a few minutes, a representative will assign your call.
  • Tell the details of your fight and ask your question.
  • After that, the representative will provide a solution to help you with your problem.

What is The Email Address of Seletar Airport Customer Service?

When you cannot get through with somebody using the Seletar Airport contact number, you can also use email to get any information. You can email the airport at (seletar@changiairport.com) with all the essential information and a picture. Then customer service will respond to your mail in a few days and provide the instructions to help you with your issue.

Does Seletar Airport Have a Contact Form?

If you are facing any problem connecting with customer service through the other methods, use the contact form option from the official website, and the airport representative will contact you directly and provide assistance. Below is mentioned the process of how to use the contact form:

  • Get to the airport website "https://www.seletarairport.com/" from your search browser.
  • Scroll down on the homepage and select the "Contact Us" button.
  • Then you have to select the "Contact Form" icon.
  • After that, fill out the form and mention your problem.
  • Then customer service will contact you directly for your issue and provide an answer.

What is The Location of Seletar Airport?

You can also get direct assistance by visiting the airport and talking to the Seletar Airport customer service to get the answer to your question. Visit the helpdesk at the airport and explain your issue to the representative. Then he will instantly reply to your question and provide you with a solution. You can visit the airport at the mentioned address:

Singapore Seletar Airport

21 Seletar Aerospace Road 1

Singapore 797405

After reviewing the above information, you must know how to contact Seletar Airport customer service. If there is any other issue or you need more information, visit the airport's official webpage.