Guidance for Rescheduling The Lufthansa Flight

Sometimes passenger wants to reschedule booking due to sudden changes in plans or the reasons like change in weather, change in meeting dates, health issues, etc. To handle these situations, the option of making changes in the bookings will come into the act; by using this facility, the passenger will get the option of rescheduling the flight. If you are a passenger of Lufthansa airlines, you will get a facility to reschedule the flight. But before making rescheduling, you have to go through with the Lufthansa flight change policy, and to know detailed information on this; you need to read below.

What is The Lufthansa Flight Change Policy

  • If the passenger book the flight from the official website of the Lufthansa airlines or through the mobile app of the Lufthansa airlines and they want to change the flight within 24 hours of booking, then in that .0case, they do need to pay the charges they can do it free of cost.
  • The charges are applicable if the passenger fills out the application for flight change after the free window. These charges will depend upon the time left on the boarding date and the date of making changes in the bookings.
  • Passengers will also get the facility of making changes in the reservation if they book the flight by using any miles, deals, and offers, but for this, they have to pay the charges.
  • Passengers do not need to pay the charges if they change their flight due to a medical emergency. However, they have to show the medical certificate from the registered institution to the officials of Lufthansa airlines to get permission from them.
  • If the passenger book the flight from the official representative of the Lufthansa airlines or if they book it through an agent, they will have to contact them to reschedule the flight.
  • Passengers will also get the time for flight change on the boarding date, but after that, they will not be able to change the flight; if they do this, they will have to pay more charges, so it is better to cancel the flight and book the new flight.
  • In case of any death occurs in the passenger's family, they can have to show some documents, and they can change in flight without paying any charges.

How To Change a Flight on Lufthansa?

The steps you need to follow are mentioned below

  • First, visit the official website of Lufthansa airlines
  • Next, you need to open the section of manage bookings from the page
  • After this, you must mention the passenger's surname and the booking reference number.
  • Now select the reservation you want to change.
  • Next, open the date selection tab, and the calendar will open; you need to set a new date and time and select the flight.
  • Following this, save the changes and make the payment by using a card or other online modes.
  • Further, you will get a message of successfully rescheduling the flight on your provided contact details.

Lufthansa Changes Flights Online.

Lufthansa provides two ways for their passenger to change their flight, Lufthansa change flight in online mode and offline mode. In the online mode, passengers need to visit the official website of Lufthansa airlines to make the changes in the bookings from the manage bookings section, or they have to download the mobile application of Lufthansa airlines and make the changes from there.

Lufthansa Changes Flight Offline.

If passengers change the flight for the first time and do not want to do it through the online method, they can also do it offline. The offline method is that passengers need to visit the nearest office of the Lufthansa airlines or to the counter of Lufthansa airlines available in the nearest airport and tell them the booking information and reschedule the flight within a few moments. The offline option is perfect for those passengers who are changing the flight for the first time as the representative will give them good information about their bookings.

Lufthansa Same Day Flight Change

The Lufthansa same-day flight change option is available in the Lufthansa airlines, and the passenger can do it within 15 minutes of flight departure as well, but they will have to pay the charges. Same-day flight rescheduling is only possible if the passenger makes the booking through the airline's official website. The passengers must change the destination route, seat type, or several passengers. They have to change the date.

Lufthansa Flight Change Fee

Generally, the price of flight change will depend upon the seat type and route, but the passenger needs to pay the charges between 40USD to 60USD

If the flight is booked using any miles and offer, the charge is around 50USD.

The above mention statements will give information about the Lufthansa flight change fee. If any concern is still left, you can also contact the official Lufthansa airlines official representative.