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How Do I Get in Touch with Air Canada?

Air Canada is one of those airlines in the Global market having its own goodwill in the industry and people from all over the world willingly book flights with this airline. However, sometimes there are people who are not able to book flights on this airline can also take the help of their official customer support representative who helps the people to solve the issues related to the booking.

Air Canada's customer service team is always available at just one call and you can simply call 1 888-247-2262 and talk to the support team live. However, to try up any medium, there are certain ways to use any of the mediums given to contact the support team and this blog will tell you exactly how you can contribute.

How Do I Contact Air Canada by Phone?

If you want to speak with someone at Air Canada customer service numbers: 1 888-247-2262, 1 888 689-BAGS 2247 (Canada or The United States). That people can use to communicate better with the support team of the airline. The support team will simply communicate on call, talk, and keep your issues in front and let the support team get back to you with the solution.

How Do I Talk to Air Canada Customer Service Number: 1 888 247-2262 

  1. You can Dial The Air Canada customer service numbers: 1 888 247-2262 (Reservations), 1 888 689-BAGS 2247 (Baggage Info).
  2. Press: 1 to select the language of the representative.
  3. Press: 2 for reservation.
  4. Press: 3 for flight arrival and departure.
  5. Press: 4 to request a refund after cancellation.
  6. Press: 9 to speak with a representative at Air Canada.

If you are at your destination and looking to get in touch with an Air Canada customer service representative during your vacation, please use one of the phone numbers below.

Does Air Canada have a Live Chat?

Meanwhile, to reach out to the support team of the airline the alternative of dropping an email or Air Canada live chat can also be used. All you have to do is go on the official website of the airline and then find out the access to the email link and then immediately the email site will open up. Here you can communicate via email and simply pen down your concern.

Through Social Media Platforms

People can also communicate via social media platforms that are well connected with the airline. For creating the live communication channel, you can sign up for the platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. As you choose any social media platform, you can exchange DM in the inbox and the support team will guide you.

How Do I Contact Air Canada about My Refund?

When you don't get money after canceling the flight can upset your mind. But if you have made the reservations with Air Canada, you can request a refund easily. The airline provides you with options to apply for a refund using the official website and customer service.

You can learn, How to connect with a live person by Air Canada refund phone number: 1 888 247-2262, Get the money on the call. Also, you can ask for a refund online by filling out a form. Once the request is processed, the airline credits your refund within 7-10 working days. Let's check the steps to get your money back from the airline.

How Can I Contact Air Canada for My Refund?

If you need to communicate with someone for your refund, open the official website and option the contact page. From there, you can see the inquiry number of the airline. Select the number and follow the steps below.

  1. Dial: 1 888 247-2262 Air Canada customer service phone number for refund, wait to connect with an automated voice on the call.
  2. Press:1 to select the language of the representative.
  3. Press:2 to talk with an agent about an existing reservation.
  4. Press:3 to know about flight arrival and departure.
  5. Press:4 to request a refund after cancellation.
  6. Press:5 to speak with a representative at Air Canada.

Stay on call till the system connects your call to a live person. Once you get connected with an agent, discuss your refund from the airline. Try the chat option if you can't reach the support team using the Air Canada refund helpline number. Apart from this, you can apply for a refund on your own using the Air Canada website.

How Do I Apply for an Air Canada Refund Online?

If you want to request a refund online, ensure that the original booking is made directly through the official website. Here are the steps to get your money-

  1. Open the My Bookings section from the airline's homepage.
  2. Now type the Booking reference number and Last name given on the ticket.
  3. Click on the Find button to see the reservations with the airline.
  4. Now select the flight you want a refund for and Open it.
  5. Fill out the form following the on-screen instruction and add the required files.

The airline takes a few days to process and verify the request. Once the verification is complete, you can get the money within 7-10 working days, depending on the bank type.

Hopefully, now you have the information to apply for the refund online or via customer support. Remember to add the flight details correctly in the Air Canada online refund option. The airline is very flexible with the policies to get a full refund without any deduction. Also, if you have made the booking with a Travel agency, contact the agent for help. Hence you can save money on unused tickets and plan a trip with Air Canada next time.

How to Talk to a Live Person in Air Canada Customer Service

Do you find it difficult to talk to a live person in Air Canada? Air Canada offers you its customer service through its phone number. You can connect to its customer representative service by dialing 1 888-247-2262. You can easily reach Air Canada customer service by phone, email, live chat, and social media platforms. You can raise your queries and ask for a timely resolution of them. Air Canada always works to improve its service. It has professional customer service that continuously attends to its customers and guides them correctly. You can follow the given steps to learn more about Air Canada's customer service options:

Air Canada Customer Service Options

Air Canada provides many options to its passengers to connect to the Airlines. Following are the options to connect to the Air Canada:

  1. You can reach a live person at Air Canada on the phone
  2. You can give a suggestion or register a complaint on their social media platforms.
  3. You can also message them via Live Chat. 
  4. You can mail them your queries. 

Air Canada Phone Customer Service

You can choose the below IVR options to connect to a live person in Air Canada.

  1. Dial Air Canada's phone number 1 888-247-2262 and choose your language
  2. Press 1 to book a ticket.
  3. Press 2 to know about the arrival and departure of the flight.
  4. Press 3 to cancel or refund
  5. Press 4 for the addition of luggage.
  6. Press # to talk to a live person in Air Canada
  7. You can find other international numbers over here

Air Canada Social Networks Support 

  1. You can message Air Canada on their Twitter account
  2. You can also tag your queries on their Facebook page 
  3. You can watch their informative videos on their YouTube channels 

Air Canada Mail

You can send any mail at the below-mentioned address:

Air Canada Centre, ZIP 1273 P.O.

Box 14000, Station Airport Dorval, Québec

Reach Real Person in Air Canada by Phone, Live Chat, Social Network

You can use various options to contact Air Canada. You can also use the option of live chat. The process of initiating live chat is very simple and convenient. You get a quick reply as well. If you cannot connect to the Air Canada phone number, you can also contact them through their social media platforms. Air Canada has dedicated social media professionals who will reply to the queries of their customers. If you have complaints or suggestions, you can tag them on their Twitter account. You can also apprise them of your issue by posting your issues on Facebook and tagging Air Canada with it. All the contact information of Air Canada is given above. You can reach the customer executive of Air Canada by any of the given means.

What To Do if Air Canada's Contact Number is Not Working?

  1. Customer service menu option changes with time. So it will not be strange if you find these options changed frequently. Normally new menu option is added while another is removed. 
  2. Even after following the above option, if you cannot connect to the customer executive on the phone, you can try other sources of communication. You can mail them or initiate a live chat or even

Air Canada has devised multiple ways to connect to its passengers. If you face any difficulties contacting the customer representative of Air Canada, you can follow the above methods to reach them. You can get Air Canada's Contact number to ensure that your complaint or suggestion reaches them early. Air Canada works continuously to resolve the issues of its customers.

How Do I Get a Live Person at Air Canada?

Whenever you plan to go somewhere, you will face a few booking-related problems like baggage-related inquiries, refund-related questions, knowing about the best places, etc. 

If you are a passenger of Air Canada, you will get a facility of a representative who will help you and provide you the solution to your queries. If you want to know to compete for information about Air Canada live person, you need to read below.

Why Do People Call Air Canada Customer Service Team? 

Passengers can call Air Canada customer support to solve their queries, and a few common queries of the passenger are mentioned below.

  1. To book a flight
  2. To cancel the flight
  3. To make changes in the bookings
  4. To luggage-related issue
  5. Technical support
  6. Know about miles
  7. Deals and offers
  8. Information regarding disabled passengers
  9. Refund related issues
  10. Check the flight status

Best Practices for Calling Air Canada Customer Service Team

  1. Before calling 1 888-247-2262 on the Air Canada customer service number, you need to remember that you are dialing the correct number and checking whether the information you are provided is correct or not.
  2. While connecting on a call, you need to remember all the names of a passenger going with you and other details like age and spelling of their name.

How Do People Feel About Their Calls to Air Canada Customer Service? 

Many passengers give their reviews and share their experiences with Air Canada customer support services. Most of the reviews that representative of Air Canada receives about Air Canada customer services is positive. A specific passenger also says they need to wait a lot when they call the customer support number.

What Kind of Issues Can Air Canada Customer Service Resolve? 

  1. Air Canada customer service representatives resolve the queries of their passengers, including bookings, refund on the cancellation, extra luggage-related issues, upgrade the tickets, etc.
  2. Air Canada customer support also help their passenger at boarding time if any passenger is disabled or if any passenger is of minor age and traveling alone.                                                 
  3. The staff of Air Canada also helps you go to the airport and are unable to check-in in, or you do not have complete information regarding this process. They will tell you and advise you what documents you need to carry at the airport, give you meal information, and helps you with the check-in process.

What Can't Be Resolved by Phone With Air Canada?

Almost every issue, like lost baggage, while traveling, missed the flight, etc., will be solved by the official representative of Air Canada by a phone call, but passengers need to contact some other way for some issues.

These are situations like when you need to show the documents like flight ticket or other relevant scan documents like visa, id, or passport as a passenger will not show these documents on a phone call. Passengers need to contact the state departments from where they are departing.  

What Can I Do If I Am Unhappy With My Call to the Air Canada Support Team? 

If you call the official representative of Air Canada and you are not happy with the services and solutions they provide, you do not need to feel unhappy. You still have many options to resolve this type of query, but you need to read below for this.

You need to get in touch with other Air Canada employees, but first, you need to write down the complete answer you will get on an Air Canada phone number by calling it the first time.

Next, you need to write down the complete answer provided by the officials of the Air Canada representative, whether it is related to refund, cancellation, replacement, etc. After writing down the answer, you will easily be able to remember the things.

Further, if you cannot resolve your queries, you can also try to send them an email of your query. All you need to do is open your registered email id and go to the section of composing a mail. You need to write down a complete query or problem you are facing and send it to the official customer support email handle of Air Canada. They will provide you solution within 24 hours.

With the help of the ways as mention earlier, you will be able to know about Air Canada's customer service. You can contact them at any time as these representatives are available 24 hours. 

NOTE: These given Air Canada phone numbers are solely for customers currently at their destination.

  1. Antigua: 1-268-462-6632
  2. Aruba: 1-297-280-3636


  1. Great Exuma: 1-242-345-0232 or 1-242-345-0234
  2. Nassau: 1-242-397-5000
  3. Barbados: 1-246-435-6946

Costa Rica:

  1. Liberia: 011 506 2667 0606
  2. San Jose: 011 52 624 163 7373


  1. Cayo Coco: 011 53 33 305 802
  2. Havana: 011 53 45 668 817 or 011 53 45 668 819
  3. Holguín: 011 53 24 430 048
  4. Santa Clara: 011 53 42 35 0455
  5. Varadero: 011 53 45 668 817 or 011 53 45 668 819

Curacao: 011 599 9 869 9559

Dominican Republic (all destinations): 1-809-552-1775

Grenada: 1- 473-439-2828

Jamaica: 1-877-768-8370 ext. 4634 or ext. 4666


  1. Cancun: 011 52 998 881 1376
  2. Cozumel: 011 52 987 874 4081 ext. 103
  3. Huatulco: 011 52 958 587 1290
  4. Ixtapa: 011 52 744 129 0325
  5. Los Cabos: 011 52 624 163 7373
  6. Puerto Vallarta: 011 52 322 221 3066

Saint Kitts and Nevis: 1-869-465-4167 or 1-869-465-4039

Saint Lucia: 1-758-452-0865 or 1-758-452-0866

Saint Martin/Sint Maarten: 1-305-851-6644

Turks and Caicos: 1-649-946-4393

Air Canada Reservations and Cruises

Call us toll-free at 1 866 529-2079.

Our business hours are:

  1. Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET
  2. Saturday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET
  3. Sunday: closed

Air Canada Group Travel

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Aeroplan Contact Information

For all inquiries regarding your Aeroplan points balance or any issues with your Aeroplan account, please contact Aeroplan directly at 1 800-361-5373.

Inquiries regarding bonus points or if you need help redeeming your points to book a vacation, please call us at 1 866-529-2079.

Travel Insurance Inquiries

For emergency assistance during your trip, call us:

USA or Canada: 1-800-387-2487

Mexico: 011-800-514-1890 or 905-816-2561

Need To Make a Claim?

Contact Allianz Global Assistance directly at 1-833-812-0672.

FAQ Section

If the doubts that you are facing currently are of any common concern then you can simply go and check the FAQ section of the airline. This is basically a list of all the commonly asked questions asked maximum by the people and to avoid any issue, they are answered in advance.

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