Avianca Cancellation Policy

Ticket cancellation is a situation when a passenger gets stuck in any problem or due to any circumstances he needs to withdraw the travel plan. You can make further changes to your ticket after confirming the flight. These changes may include flight rescheduling, seat selection, adding more passengers, flight cancelation, etc. Now, you may understand the necessary Avianca Cancellation Policy that will be remembered while canceling the ticket.

  • Ways to cancel the tickets with Avianca are the official website, customer support, and other official channels.
  • You are not able to obtain a refund if your flight departs from the source point.
  • To apply for a refund from Avianca, you need to pay some amount as a cancellation charge set by Avianca’s cancellation policies.
  • If you have not reached the airport or boarded the flight on time, you can not apply for cancellation or refund; instead, you have to pay the full ticket price.
  • The full amount of the ticket will be charged if you try to cancel the flight within 30 minutes of departure.
  • You will get a full refund without deducting any cancelation charges if the airline cancels the ticket.

Avianca 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

There is a policy of cancellation that depends upon time and is known as the Avianca 24-Hour Cancellation Policy, which means you need to keep in mind what happens if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours. The points are:-

  • If the ticket cancellation is made on the same day, that means within 24 hours of your reservation, and then you will pay no charges as a cancellation fee to Avianca.
  • There are two situations where the cancellation policy does not apply: 1 - If you make your booking within six days from departure. 2- If your ticket belongs to any third-party agent.
  • The main assigned period for cancellation is 24 hours, but if you cancel after this particular time, you will be charged a penalty as a cancellation.
  • Ticket type, i.e., Economy, Business, or First; Destination and ticket criteria decide how much amount will be applied to you or deducted from the refund.

Avianca Cancellation Fee

There are some periods of time like risk-free, after the risk-free, emergency, same-day departure, etc. The Avianca Cancellation Fees are applied to you after reviewing these periods and the policies we have already discussed. Let’s understand the charges ahead:-

  • The risk-free period of time for the passenger is the time of 24 hours. If the cancellation of the ticket is processed within this time, then no charges will be paid.
  • When you make changes to your ticket or cancel your flight after a risk-free period, the airline may charge 100 US Dollars, the lowest, and up to 600 US Dollars.
  • When you cancel your ticket, the cancellation charges and deductions in your refund may vary as it depends upon your type of ticket, destinations, and other related criteria.
  • Canceling of tickets after passing the time for free cancellation, Avianca may charge up to 80% amount from your ticket, depending on your ticket type and the destination of your journey.

How To Cancel the Avianca Flight?

The process for ticket cancellation in Avianca goes through different modes. If you want to cancel your Avianca flight, then you look after the brief methods ahead:- 

Cancel Avianca Tickets Online:- As passengers are allowed to book their tickets online by accessing the airline’s website. Similarly, the cancellation can also be made from the same. Follow the steps to cancel your Avianca ticket online:-

  • Hang on to the website of Avianca.
  • Select the “Manage your Booking” tab from the main page. Now, you need to fill in the “Reservation number” and the passenger’s “Last name” to reach the ticket that you want to cancel.
  • Open the ticket and click on the “Cancel” option. Now, you will have to complete the blank areas with your flight confirmation number, passenger’s name, a cancellation reason in brief, and other basic details.
  • Pay the amount if applied to you and confirm the ticket cancellation.

Cancel Tickets by Customer Service:- If it isn’t possible for you to cancel the flight by yourself from the website, then you may also contact Avianca through customer services and raise a request to cancel your flight. There are multiple ways to contact the airline:-

  • Phone:- You can make a call to Avianca on their official phone number, 1 800-284-2622, and get through the live representative. It is important to know that the computer-generated IVR will lead the call and speak out about each service that can be obtained on call. Hear the options and press the particular digit to get the service related to your concern. Get a live person on call and request to cancel your ticket.
  • Live Chat:- If you want a virtual assistant to help you cancel the Avianca ticket, you may get through this facility. A live chat is obtained from the website and the mobile application of the airline. When you reach the contact page of Avianca on the official web portal, you get an icon for a chat. Click on it and start chatting with the virtual assistant, Avianca.
  • Airport Desk and Sales Center:- If you are available to reach the airport, you can visit the Avianca help desk counters stationed at the airports to help the passengers. You may also visit the authorized sales centers of Avianca that will be available near you.

Avianca Cancelled Flight Compensation Regulation

Some points of Avianca's canceled flight compensation are:-

  • If you made the booking from official portals, then you can obtain the compensation.
  • You can ask for compensation if the proper services are not offered to you.
  • You are not allowed to apply for any compensation if you have not boarded the flight on time.

Avianca Refund Policy

Necessary points of Avianca refund policy for you:-

  • Refunds are obtained by the passengers who have made their bookings from the official channels, the airline’s website, or customer services.
  • Cancellation is free of cost, and a full refund is generated if the ticket is canceled within 24 hours.
  • It is clearly mentioned that you cannot obtain a refund if you have missed your flight.