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Guide to Upgrade Seats on Spirit Airlines: Cost, Guidelines and Process

Have you got your bookings on Spirit Airlines? And have been thinking to upgrade your seats on the airline? Well, the airline does let you upgrade your bookings without any hassle. Besides, you can easily select your preferred seats on the airline. Also, the airline offers great seating experience to its customers and ensures 100% satisfactory travel plans as well. Spirit Airlines does not offer business class cabins on its flights. However, the airline offers Big Front seats that are almost similar to the business class seating experience.

One can easily upgrade to Big Front seats from the standard seats through various ways such as online, kiosk, or via customer services. Hence, read further to learn about the Cost to upgrade seats on Spirit, seat upgrade process, and other important info.

Guidelines to Upgrade Seats on Spirit Airlines

The following are the important guidelines to help you upgrade your seats on Spirit Airlines.

  1. Spirit Airlines lets you upgrade your seats within 24 hours prior to departure to up to 1.5 hours.
  2. However, you must upgrade your seats through online and check-in process on Spirit Airlines.
  3. In the event, if you don’t upgrade your seats on your own, then you’ll be automatically assigned a random seat on your booked flight by Spirit Airlines.
  4. The Cost to upgrade seats on Spirit may vary from $12-$150 for advance booking, and $25-$175 for on-board upgrades, including the length of the flight.

Steps To Upgrade Your Seat in Spirit Airlines

The following steps will help you to upgrade your seats on Spirit Airlines.

  1. Visit the Spirit Airlines official website in your web browser, then head over to the My trips option on the top of the homepage.
  2. Now, enter the booking details such as booking confirmation number & the passenger’s last name as mentioned in the booking confirmation email.
  3. Next, hit the Continue button to proceed with your seat upgrade, and then view the seat map to find the seat availability.
  4. Hereafter, follow the onscreen instructions to upgrade your seat on the airline, and then get to the payment page to make payments for your selected seats.
  5. Once you have selected your preferred seats and paid for them, then you’ll get the confirmation email on your submitted email address.

Moreover, if you have any queries regarding Spirit airlines seat upgrade, cost to upgrade your seats on the airline, and other relevant queries, then you can contact the airline’s customer services and talk to the live experts. They’ll surely assist you with the best info and provide you relevant details on your seat upgrades. Besides, it is highly suggested to opt for the phone support option to get through the live experts on Spirit Airlines and get assistance.

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