How To Contact Qatar Airport?

Doha Airport is one of the biggest international Airports in UAE. It is an exceptionally well-planned and wonderfully designed terminal with posh lounges, duty-free shops, and other high-end amenities. It also served as the largest commercial transit hub of the Middle East until all its airlines were relocated to its successor, Hamad International Airport.

Initially known as New Doha International Airport, Hamad International Airport is the main Airport for the city of Doha. It facilitates the major operation of many international flights. Qatar Airport phone numbers have been mentioned on the official site for effective communication. So, how do I contact Qatar Airport through various means on the official web page?

Modes of Contact Hamad International Airport

Via Call: The fastest and most convenient method to contact the Qatar Airport customer service is by making a call on the number (+974)4144 5555 and reaching the IVR, thereby following the instructions mentioned below:

  • Press 1 for English
  • Press 2 for queries relating to tickets, check-in, baggage, flight schedules, and refunds.
  • Press 3 for special assistance
  • Press 9 to speak to a representative of customer service.

In case of any emergency, Qatar Airport contact numbers mentioned on the site can be dialed for immediate assistance.

Via Email: If you have any queries, you can contact the Qatar Airport through an email to us@hamadairport.com.qa, enlisting the queries you want to resolve. After receiving the email, the customer service team will respond to all the concerns mentioned.

Via Social Media: Qatar Airport customer service can also be reached through different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linked.

Via Post: The Qatar Airport has also provided a post box number on its official website if you want to reach them for some issues and queries.

Hia Call Centre and Lost Property

P.O Box 24659

Doha, Qatar

(+974) 4010 6666


Airport Police

(+974) 4010 9666

Airport Fire and Medical Emergency

(+974) 4010 9222

Qatar Duty-Free

P.O Box 22553

Doha, Qatar

Fax: (+974) 4010 6666

(+974) 4010 1469


Qatar Aviation Services / Lost Luggage Service

P.O Box 383

Doha, Qatar

Fax: (+974) 4465 6682

+974) 3307 2482

(+974) 3307 4822


Qatar Airways Airport Sales

P.O Box 22550

Doha, Qatar

Fax: (+974) 4462 2578

(+974) 4023 0000


Qatar Airways Cargo

P.O Box 22550

Doha, Qatar

Fax: (+974) 4462 2475

(+974) 4423 5077


Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Customer Care

Doha, Qatar

(+974) 4144 5555


Qatar Aircraft Catering Company

P.O Box 22383

Doha, Qatar

Fax: (+974) 4462 1183

(+974) 4010 5106



P.O Box 81

Doha, Qatar

Fax: (+974) 4445 7015

WhatsApp: (+974) 4445 8999

Website: http://customs.gov.qa



Civil Aviation Authority

P.O Box 3000

Doha, Qatar

Fax: (+974) 4455 2233

 (+974) 4455 7333


Al Maha Services

P.O Box 22550

Doha, Qatar

(+974) 4455 5831

(+974) 4455 5832

(+974) 4455 5834

(+974) 4455 5835



P.O Box 24844

Doha, Qatar

Fax: (+974) 4462 1182

(+974) 4455 9555


Passport & Immigration Department

P.O Box 24844

Doha, Qatar

Fax: (+974) 4462 1386


Media Contact


Airlines Development

Kimmo Ruotsalainen,

Senior Manager Commercial


Jatin Ahuja,

Aeronautical Revenues and Commercial Planning Manager


Qatar Slot Coordinator