Iberia Airlines Cancellations and Compensations

Let us consider cancellations and compensations at Iberia airlines by looking at the various policies and guidelines for travelers regarding their flight bookings.

Iberia Airlines Cancellation Policy

Passengers traveling with Iberia airlines must refer to the cancellation policy inclusion to have a smooth experience as far as flight bookings are concerned. Here is what you need to know as far as cancellations at Iberia airlines are concerned to Receive Compensation from Iberia Airlines:

  • People can cancel their flight bookings within 24 hours of initial reservations at Iberia to get full refunds for their flights.
  • Refunds are also applicable on bookings that are delayed or canceled by the airline, and you refused to take the alternate flight provided by Iberia.
  • Any delays of five hours or more qualify for full refunds at Iberia airlines.
  • Death condition of a close relative such as your spouse, parent, child, or in-law.
  • Affected travel because of the pandemic or COVID 19.

Iberia Cancellation Policy Due To Rerouting of Flights

The Iberia Cancellation Policy Due to Rerouting of Flights is applicable if you are someone who is facing a flight delay by the airline.

  • Flights traveling to a distance of up to 1500 km and the delay is of 2 hours, the compensation permitted by the airline is EUR 125. This increases to EUR 250 in the case of a flight delay of more than two hours.
  • All interactive community flights exceeding a distance of 1500 Km must get compensation of EUR 200 if the flight delay is up to three hours from the initially scheduled arrival of the flight.
  • EUR 400 is compensation for a flight delay of more than three hours from the initially scheduled arrival. And the flight distance must be between 1500 to 3000 km.
  • EUR 300 is compensation available for flight delays of up to 4 hours from the initially scheduled arrival. Passengers will get a compensation of EUR 600 if the delay exceeds four hours.

How To Receive Compensation from Iberia Airlines?

Travelers can connect with the Booking office, travel agent, or point of sale to get Iberia Airlines Refund and compensation for their canceled or delayed flights.

The following modes of compensation are available at Iberia and are as follows:

  • Cash
  • Bank cheque
  • Electronic bank transfer
  • Travel vouchers.

Travel vouchers are used for future payment purposes for flight bookings in Iberia.

You can refer to the booking confirmation email if you need to find out the cancellation options and guidelines. One can also refer to the ‘Booking management’ tab online for added assistance and help with flight cancellations.

Iberia Airlines Cancellation Assistance

Passengers can get optimum assistance to Cancel Iberia Airlines Reservations online at www.Iberia.com. The following clauses apply to all bookings:

  • People can get free meals and refreshments as per the waiting time. Also, accommodation and two phone calls/emails/faxes are available.
  • Passengers can opt for rerouting options if available.
  • One can also cancel their flight reservation and get a reimbursement within 7 days if they have unused ticket parts and flights serving no purpose.

Iberia Airlines Re-booking and Refund Options Due to COVID-19.

Travelers will get full refunds or travel vouchers for their flights if canceled due to the following reasons less than 15 days before the scheduled departure of the flight:

  • The destination changed the travel entry requirements because of new rules and guidelines.
  • Lockdown along with various other quarantine measures in place at your destination.
  • If passengers test positive for COVID, they must send an email with their medical certificate.
  • People must present the following documents: a medical certificate issued by the local authorities and a sworn statement.

How Can I Change/Re-Book My Flight To Iberia?

Make changes to the flight bookings online or offline using the below-mentioned ways:

  • Iberia’s website.
  • Iberia’s application.
  • Over the call by talking to a customer service executive at the airline.
  • Iberia booking center.
  • Travel agent (if applicable).

How Can I Request a Voucher from Iberia Airlines?

Passengers needing a travel voucher as part of flight compensation can follow the below-mentioned steps to get a travel voucher in Iberia:

  • First and foremost, visit www.iberia.com.
  • Select the ‘booking management’ tab option on the homepage.
  • Enter your last name and the booking code and select the manage booking option on the page.
  • Complete the process for the voucher request by following the on-screen instructions.

How To Cancel Iberia Airlines Reservations?

After referring to the Iberia Airlines Cancellation Policy, consumers can stick to the below-mentioned ways for flight cancellation:

  • Visit the official website and look for the manage booking option.
  • Enter your last name and flight reference number. Hit the submit option.
  • Select the reservation you wish to cancel and select the cancel flight option.
  • Proceed with the payment to receive a flight cancellation confirmation code for your flight.

How To Change Your Iberia Airlines Reservations?

Passengers can change their flight reservations through:

  • Online flight changes via the ‘manage booking’ tab at www.iberia.com. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the desired changes to your flight bookings.
  • Talk to a customer service representative at Iberia as multiple contact options and helpline numbers are available.
  • Connect with your travel agent (if applicable).