How Do You Pack a Booster Seat in a Checked Bag?

When you travel with your kids, safety becomes your priority. A booster seat is an essential travel item for kids that play a very important role in their safety. Booster seats are much easier to travel to than bulky car seats, and they are easy to pack also. Do not worry if you don't know how to pack a booster seat in a checked bag. Here we will update you with all the essential information in detail.

Packing Booster Seat in a Checked Bag

If you are traveling with kids and have a booster bag, you can pack your booster bag anytime. Packing depends on the type of booster bag you are carrying. If you carry a backless booster seat, you can take it In your carry-on luggage. If you are traveling with a High booster seat, the best and safest choice will be to separate the seat and the back and put them back on the overhead bin. 

You can also pack it in your checked luggage and bring the booster seat on board as a carry-on; in addition, make sure you wrap the booster seat in bubble wrap for providing padding. Pack the booster seat in its original box that reads the Fragile to alert the baggage attendant. If you have a small booster seat, you can cover it with its cover or a duffel bag to protect it from the soil, damage, etc.

Also, if the airlines don't find you with the booster bag, they may offer a heavy-duty one. Now, if you are curious to know whether you can check booster seats for free or not, you can keep reading the information below.

Booster Seat Checking Charges

The booster seat charges vary from airline to airline; you can check out some worth mentioning points below In this regard.

  • Generally, the booster seats are free; you can still bring the bottom of the seat on board with you. 
  • Most airlines allow you to check car booster seats for free. But they may charge for their international counterparts. 
  • The airline that carries a booster seat for free considers it checked baggage, whereas others deduct the weight from your allowance. 

So it is advised whenever you carry a booster seat, go through the check-in policy of booster seats for your airlines. You can check it by visiting the official website and going through the seat check-in policy. If you find it difficult, you can directly speak to the customer support team of the airline you are traveling to.