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Sometimes the passenger is going through many queries related to timings of the flight, cancellation or refund-related policies, offers, etc., and they want to solve them before their departure date. While traveling with Virgin Australia airlines, the passenger will get all the premium facilities as it is considered one of the best airlines in Australia. If any passenger has any concern, they can also connect to official representatives. To know the detailed information on Virgin Australia customer service, read below.

How Do I Contact Virgin Australia by Live Chat?

The most acceptable way to connect with the customer service team of Virgin Australia is via the chat option. If you want to connect via this method, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Go to Virgin Australia Airlines's official website in any suitable search browser.
  • After this, you need to click the contact us option from the right corner of the screen.
  • Further, you need to click on the chat option, and then you need to mention the passenger's details like complete name, age, email id, and contact details.
  • Then you need to fill out the flight details like departure date and departure timings of the flight and submit those details.
  • Now you will get the code on the contact details; you must mention that code in the available space.
  • Next, a chat box will open; you need to fill out the complete information in that box and click on the send option.
  • Last, the representative related to that concern will connect with you and provide you with the solutions within a few moments.

Services Offered by Virgin Australia Customer Service Team.

You can do many things by connecting with the Virgin Australia team.

  • Making new bookings
  • Upgrade the bookings 
  • Information about disabled passengers
  • Complete vacation packages
  • Deals and offers
  • Luggage related queries
  • Ways to redeem miles
  • Issues while making the payments
  • Unable to receive the refund after canceling the flight
  • Online check-in
  • Information about the pet policy

The Fastest Way To Reach Virgin Australia Customer Service

The fastest way to connect with the representative of Virgin Australia is via phone call. If you want to resolve your query quickly and time-savingly, then you have to connect with the representative on the phone.

How Do I Contact Virgin Australia by Phone?

  • You must visit the Virgin Australia website in your search engine.
  • Then choose the contact us section from the page, and you can see all the available ways to connect.
  • Click on the phone option, choose your country, and then see Virgin Australia's phone number 61 7 3295 2296. Make a call on that number.
  • Choose the language you are comfortable with and follow the IVR instructions.
    • Click I to make the new flight reservation 
    • Click 2 to cancel the bookings
    • Click 3 to upgrade the bookings 
    • Click 4 to connect with the representatives 
    • Click 5 to know about miles
    • Click 6 for deals and offers 
    • Click 7 for any other query
    • Click 8 to go back

Click the option as per the concern and connect with the representative.

Methods To Reach Virgin Australia Customer Service Team

If the passenger cannot connect on the Virgin Australia contact number, then they can choose the different methods to reach Virgin Australia mentioned below.

Via mail id: The passenger will also get the option of sending the query through the mail. If the passenger wants to send them through the mail, they will have to open their registered mail id and go to the section composing a mail. Then you need to fill out the detailed information about the query, and it is possible then provide the documents in that mail like flight tickets, medical documents, etc. Then send that mail to the official support mail handle of Virgin Australia.

Via social media: If you want, then you can also send the queries on various social media handle like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. To do this, you need to open any of these social media applications and then find the page of Virgin Australia. Then go to the message section, type your complete concern, and send that. The representative operating that page will send the solutions within a few moments.

By following the above ways, you will get the Virgin Australia helpline number information. You can connect with these representatives anytime as Virgin Australia provides these services 24 hours

Virgin Australia Contact Center (Reservations & General Enquiries)

Calling From       Contact Number
Australia       13 67 89
New Zealand 0800 670 000
United States of America 1855 253 8021
China +61 7 3119 7048
Hong Kong +61 7 3119 7078
United Arab Emirates     8000 612 002
United Kingdom 0800 051 1281
Anywhere else in the world +61 7 3295 2296


If you are calling from the United States and wish to use FedRelay services, please call one of the following then ask to be connected to Virgin Australia on +61 7 3295 3941:

  1. (800) 877-8339 TTY(Text Telephone) / ASCII (American Standard Code For Information Interchange)
  2. (877) 877-6280 VCO (Voice Carry Over)
  3. (877) 877-8982 Speech-to-Speech
  4. (800) 845-6136 Spanish
  5. (800) 877-0996 Customer Service (Voice/TTY, ASCII, and Spanish)
  6. (866) 377-8642 Voice
  7. (866) 893-8340 TeleBraille

Virgin Australia Baggage Contact Centre

Calling From     Phone Number
Australia (Toll-Free)     1300 170 911
New Zealand (Toll-Free) 0800 443 744
USA (Toll-Free) 866 810 7162
All Other Countries (International Tolls apply) +61 7 3295 2257

Virgin Australia: Submitting a Mishandled Baggage Claim

Email: baggage.claims@virginaustralia.com

Postal Address for Non-U.S Residents:

Virgin Australia Baggage Claims
P.O. Box 1034
Spring Hill Qld Australia 4004
Fax: +61 7 3295 5642

Postal Address for U.S. Residents:

Virgin Australia Baggage Claims
5757 W Century Blvd Ste 865
Los Angeles, CA 90045 USA

Phone Call Us: +1(800)-282-2528 click to call
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