Best Ways To Get The Cheapest Ticket Price at Amtrak

Are you looking for the best days to book the cheapest tickets on Amtrak? Do not worry. Although Amtrak provides the best service at a reasonable price, there might be times when tickets are quite expensive.

If you wish to know about the cheapest day for Amtrak reservations, you must check its weekly specials sale between Tuesday and Friday each week as there is a possibility you get discounted fares up to 80 % off. You can also follow some quick hacks and tips to get the best price at Amtrak.

Tips To Getting Cheapest Price at Amtrak

Book Early: For popular routes, always try to book early and read the blueprints. The ticket prices remain the same, whether you book online, by phone, or at the station. The cheapest seats are being sold first up to 10 months before the departure. So early you book, the best ticket price you get.

Buy a Railcard or a multi-day pass: You can also buy a rail card and pass and share it with a friend for short periods of compatible travel at different times. To travel across the country, you can also consider sharing a sleeping compartment, which up to four people use.

Join Amtrak Guest Rewards: You get up to 2 points per dollar spent on Amtrak travel by joining the guest reward program. Besides, Amtrak also offers a 25 % point bonus if you travel in business class and a 50 % point bonus if you travel in Acela first class. Having 800 points, you can enjoy free Amtrak travel.

Smart fares: Keep an eye on smart fares for flash sales and join the partner sites such as AAA or the National Association of Railroad Passengers.

Deals and offers: You can also visit the official website of Amtrak and visit the special deals page. You can find these deals and promotions in different categories like region, route, etc; pick the one that suits you most. Besides, some of these are also available for around 6-8 months and offer discounts of around 15% to 30%.

Social Media: You can also visit the social media pages of Amtrak online to stay updated with the best current and upcoming deals and offers.

So going through the information above, you must be clear about the Amtrak reservation cheapest days. Besides, if you still have any doubts or questions, you can speak to the Amtrak customer support team anytime.