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The Fareflow website has been solely designed to serve our customers to make the journey or utilization of services remarkable and comfortable. Through our terms and conditions, we strive to make everything flexible and transparent on legal constraints. Our work is primarily dedicated to establishing faith and showcasing our dedication to providing passenger/traveler-oriented services. And these rules come with specific grounds, allowances, and restrictions.

Crucial General Notice.

Our website does not operate with any third party nor rely on any other principle; however, you can find different aspects through which you can avail of the services provided, for example, Tour operators, cruise lines, hotels, airlines services, car rentals organizations, and other associated services that are beneficial for making a trip marvelous. Hence, now you will have an idea that our Website, FaresFlow, is an affiliated company that provides all the services by charging low-cost taxes, fees, etc.

Accept The Modifications.

We display our contents, offers, prices, contents, etc., directly from the Main service providers, and we are not responsible for any inaccuracy, incompletion, etc., of such content. The prices of different services may vary from time to time, due to which no assurity is given over the prices cast on our platform. There can be some additional charges that the travel agencies keep, and these are changed consistently, so it is always suggested to be aware of all the prices (prices of services, for example, regional taxes, baggage, etc.).

However, you must know that our currency conversion rates are not based on current or real-time rates. The actual amount may differ, or the conversion fee which is charged could be done based on different date currency prices. Still, we contribute our best to satisfy every connected user and become a permanent service utilizer.

Intellectual Property Rights.

Along with our associated services-providers, we own all of the trademarks, service marks, images, texts, software, etc., excluding the User data. You are completely restricted from using or publishing our contents, texts, software, etc., for any Business or commercial purpose or your personal Use. If anything is printed from our source, it must be carrying our copyright, proprietary rights, trademarks, etc., which can be found on our official website. If you want some more clarification on this, you are solely permitted to contact our team to find the effective way to make use of our content.

Without its conditions, the website never permits anyone to use its content, images, texts, etc. In case of violation, legal procedures can take place in order to find out the real cause.

Price Drop Assurance Terms & Conditions:

This refers to a drop in the prices after your purchase. So, here, you are given a price drop assurance service on our website. In these conditions, you are permitted to book another flight at the newly dropped price that will make your journey cost-effective. However, another thing that is also necessary for one to be aware of is that rebooking a new flight is, by and large, based on the availability of an offer. Including this service is not available in all types of offline and online modes itineraries. For this, visiting our website and consulting with the operator of our concerned website becomes crucial to find the latest information on this.

Use of Our Website.

  • Verifying your age to be permitted to sign in after accepting our specific terms and conditions is obligatory. In addition, if you are signed up, you must maintain the secrecy of all your sign-in/out credentials.
  • If your account is used by you or by anyone, only you will be responsible for any mishap (if any occurs).
  • Any information you provide on our website should be authentic and latest.
  • If any unusual activity is taken place, for example, theft, loss of content, etc., you must immediately make changes to your credentials.
  • You must comply with all the laws that are applicable in the United States or your native country.
  • If you make any information modifications, you must update our official website.
  • In case you install any software in your system that takes personal credentials, it is your responsibility not to give it permission to take your details, or you can remove all the information. This may help you eliminate the risk of providing access to user data to any unauthorized server.

Flight Services.

Suppose you want to utilize our aviation or flight services, you are solely responsible for providing all the accurate information, and any false information may land you into some legal procedure. You can look at the same in detail in the points:

  • You must keep confidential all the information you share while making your reservation on our website.
  • Once you provide all the necessary information, with this, you provide us the authority to use, reformat, copy, syndicate, distribute, etc., for our better services. We created it so all your essential documents can be stored in a place for easy travel in the future.
  • Any changes to the flights and ticket prices are solely based on the main agency amendments. So you will be required to get updates on all the changes and modifications.

Our Liability is Limited.

  • Our team, including all the officers, shareholders, providers, employees, representatives, etc., is not responsible for any loss or damages to your system that could hamper your process.
  • We can make modifications to our terms and conditions any time we feel like it. It is solely at our discretion.

Mix and Match Conditions.

In case of mix and match, you will be shown the results of a combination, for example, two one-way flights, etc., and using this search tool, you may end up reserving two other bookings with different rules. If there is any change made in one of your bookings, no changes will occur on the other one.

Changes To The Terms of Use:

It is our discretion to make any changes to our terms and conditions. However, all the modifications are usually done in the favor of users. All the changes will be effective right after the changes are made. And it is mandatory for everyone to adhere to these rules and regulations as set by us. However, the changes to the terms of Use solely show you have accepted the changes by using our website. Hence, it is always recommended that one be aware of any change, addition, etc., on our terms.