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eromexico Trip

eromexico Trip

Everything That You Need to Know While Planning a Trip with Aeromexico

Aeromexico is the flag carrier airline of Mexico city known for offering its services to over 90 destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean, North, South, Central America, Asia, and Europe. And to ensure that the traveler enjoys a hassle-free trip, the airline has introduced various online services and other deals to make the trip affordable with Aeromexico. 

What is The Procedure to Book Aeromexico Flight Tickets?

For the travelers who have decided to plan their next trip with Aeromexico, the airline offers two options to book Aeromexico reservations that include the online booking process and by contacting the sales department of Aeromexico. 

However, to save the travel time of the travelers, one can consider booking their flight tickets online by following the steps shared below:

  1. To book Aeromexico flight tickets online, the traveler needs to visit the airline's website.
  2. Then, the traveler can click on the Flights tab and select the trip type and number of travelers. 
  3. If the traveler has any coupon, then one can add the same. 
  4. Now, the traveler can provide the From and To locations for the booking.
  5. Then, the traveler can pick a travel date and search for the available flights. 
  6. After that, the traveler can pick a flight to book the reservations and continue. 
  7. Now, to confirm the Aeromexico reservations, the traveler can provide the details of those traveling and continue. 
  8. And then, the traveler can proceed to review the fare and select an online payment option. 
  9. After that, the traveler can make payment for the reservations and confirm the Aeromexico booking. 

If the traveler fails to perform an online Aeromexico flight booking processthey can contact the Aeromexico representative and plan their trip in time without any hassle. 

What are The Key Guidelines of The Aeromexico Baggage Policy? 

For travelers who have confirmed reservations with Aeromexico and are wondering about the baggage limit permitted by the airline can go through the pointers shared and manage their baggage limit in time. 

a) Carry-on baggage 

  1. As per the policy, the traveler can carry one hand luggage and one personal item with a total weight of 10 Kg. 
  2. Further, the total dimension for hand luggage should not be more than 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm, and personal items should fit under the cabin seats. 

b) Checked baggage 

  1. For those who have confirmed domestic flights, the traveler can carry a piece of up to 25 Kg. 
  2. And in the case of international destinations, a piece of 23 Kg per passenger is permitted.
  3. Further, the linear dimension of the checked baggage should not exceed 158 cm or 62 inches. 
  4. Travelers with special baggage must submit certain documents and follow the guidelines to verify by contacting the airline representative. 

Excess and restricted items

  1. Those traveling with excess or overweight baggage must pay additional costs to confirm by visiting the airline website or reaching out to the sales department. 
  2. Further, there is a separate list of restricted items that one can check by visiting the airline website to avoid additional costs.

So, these are the Aeromexico baggage policy guidelines that traveler needs to abide by before packing their bags. However, if the traveler has queries regarding the baggage limit, then one can reach out to the airline representative and seek the needed information. 

What are The Guidelines to Cancel a Flight Ticket with Aeromexico?

There are times when travelers need to cancel their reservations due to some unavoidable reasons. Luckily, those who have confirmed Aeromexico flight tickets are offered a cancellation policy that permits travelers to cancel their reservations can claim a refund. 

So, travelers who have no clue about the Aeromexico cancellation policy can check out the cancellation guidelines shared below and manage their reservations in time. 

  1. The cancellation applies to the reservation confirmed online or via the sales department of Aeromexico. 
  2. The travelers get a 24-hour cancellation window, as per which the traveler can get a full refund against the cancellation. 
  3. But, for the 24-hour cancellation window, it is required that the flight ticket be confirmed a week before the flight's departure. 
  4. The 24-hour window is offered to both the refundable and non-refundable reservations. 
  5. However, the 24-hour cancellation rule does not apply to group, economy, and value fares. 
  6. For the reservations that are canceled outside the 24-hour window, travelers might need to pay a cancellation fee of USD 200 that one can confirm by contacting the airline. 

Thus, these are the few cancellation policy guidelines that one needs to abide by before canceling their reservations with Aeromexico. And to seek assistance regarding the cancellation procedure and guidelines, the traveler can reach out to the airline representative and manage their Aeromexico reservations in time. 

Contacting Aeromexico Airlines for Planning a Trip 

The travelers who have queries regarding the Aeromexico policy and procedures can reach out to the airline representative by dialing the airline's toll-free number or using Aeromexico's other contact options, planning out their trip in time, and managing their trip the reservations.

So, this is the complete information on how travelers can book Aeromexico reservations, plan out an affordable trip, and enjoy a hassle-free journey with the airline. If needed, the traveler can contact the airline representative for assistance.