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hina Airlines Trip

hina Airlines Trip

How to Book My Ticket in China Airlines

China airline is the national flag carrier of Taiwan; it is one of the two major airlines with EVA Air. The headquarter of china Airlines lies in Taipei Taiyuan international airport and operates over 1400 flights weekly that carry over 19 million passengers to 102 ties. In terms of revenue passenger kilometers, the airline is 33rd largest airline. In terms of freight revenue ton kilometer, it is the 10th largest airline.

Steps for Flight Ticket Booking Process

You can book a reservation in china Airlines either online by visiting the official website or by speaking to the customer service of china Airlines.

  1. To book an online reservation visiting the official website of china airline
  2. Go to the heading Plan & Book, and click the link to book your flight
  3. Now on the flight section, select our trip type either it is one way or round way
  4. Now enter the location details in from and to section
  5. Select the date of your journey
  6. Enter the passenger and cabin details
  7. If you have a promo code, apply that in the space below.
  8. Click on the tab search flight
  9. Now you will get the details of all available flights
  10. Select the flight that you find most suitable
  11. Now, you can follow the online instruction to complete your booking

After completing your booking, you will get the confirmation mail on your mobile and the email. You can use the booking number later to change or modify your ticket. To make your China airline booking, you can also speak to the customer service team to book your reservation. To connect with customer support teams, you can dial the number available for reservation.

Baggage Policy of China Airlines

For economy class passengers: When you book the flight in the economy class of china airlines, you can carry a single piece of bag and one personal bag with you. The luggage you are allowed to take inside the cabin must adhere to some rules. You must be able to lift your luggage by yourself. The luggage bag must fit into the overhead. The in-cabin baggage must not be more than 22*14*9 inches in dimensions and must be less than 7kg.

For economy: As per china airline baggage policy, First and dynasty class for flights to and fro from the USA/Canada and south and Central America. For economy class passengers, the check-in baggage allowed is two bags, each bag weighing up to 23 kgs. For first and dynasty class passengers, the maximum baggage you can carry is two pieces; the maximum weight allowed is 32 kg.

Excess and Oversize Baggage: In such case, if your baggage is more than the allowed limit in terms of weight, unit or dimensions, then there will be a charge depending upon the excess baggage you have.

Cancellation Policy of China Airlines

If you have booked your ticket through the china airlines ticket counter, their office or their website portal, you can apply for online ticket cancellation and refund. If you have paid for your ticket in cash, the airline will deposit your refund in your desired bank account number. As per the china airline cancellation policy, if you have purchased the ticket through a credit card, the amount will be transferred to your credit card. It usually takes up to 14 business days to get your money transferred to your account. Passengers who are holding their ticket and do not show up after checking, cannot apply for a refund. If the ticket purchase is made from or to the USA then you can have a full refund without the service charge deduction if a refund is applied within 48 hours of purchase and 1 week before departure. To make a refund request online, you can visit the official website on china airlines and initiate your refund.

Reading the information above must have solved your query. For additional information, please feel free to comment in the sections below.