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mirates Airlines Trip

mirates Airlines Trip

Get Your Flight Booked with Emirates Airlines

Emirates airline is popular and the largest airline of the United Arab Emirates. It is the flag carrier airline of the UAE. It comes as the largest airline of Middle East. The services provided by the airline cannot be compared to the other airline of the Middle East region. It has a large customer base due to its incomparable staff & cabin services. It is operating almost 3600 flights per week and it is also becoming the biggest passenger carrier. The region covered by the airline comes in the list of most ocular destinations of the world. Let us see the Emirates airline booking with detailed focus on other aspects.

Let us See the Flight Booking Process of Emirates Airline:

It is essential to know the detailed booking procedure of the airline. You can see the detailed booking steps of the Emirates airline in below-mentioned steps

  1. Firstly you have to visit the official website of Emirates airlines.
  2. After getting to the official page you have to look for the available flight options and after selecting the flight enter the cities of arrival & departure.
  3. In this step passengers are required to provide the details of the trip like no. of passengers, cabin class, name and other relevant details.
  4. In this step you have to search the flight options.
  5. After completion of the fourth step you can choose your flight seat and also add the additional services if you want.
  6. In this step you have to finalize the payment by acceptable modes..
  7. After payment confirmation you will get to receive the confirmation mail on your registered mail.

Baggage Policy of Emirates Airline:

Customers are unaware of the baggage policy of the airline and they get into dilemma at the airport. Let us see the details baggage policy of Emirates airline:

  1. If you are planning to travel on Emirates Airline then Emirates airline baggage policy states that carryon bags will be the dimensions of 55*38*20cms.
  2. If we talk about the economy class then passengers are allowed to take only one carry-on bag with the dimensions of 55*38*20cms and the weight does not exceed the limit of 7 kg.
  3. In case of the first class & business class passengers they are allowed to travel with a hand bag & garment bag with a maximum thickness should not exceed the limit of 20cm.
  4. If the passengers are travelling with infants then they can bring the carrycot or scroller if the space is available.

Let us See the Cancellation Policy of Emirates Airline:

  1. The cancellation policy of Emirates airlines does not apply to each booking rather on each flight ticket.
  2. Passengers can cancel Emirates airline flights online if the ticket is purchased online. You can also call the customer service to do that. Online cancellation is easy and the refund request will be generated automatically.
  3. While making the reservation of Emirates airline they prompt the refundable as well as non-refundable fare for each class & service. Refundable fares are higher in comparison to the non-refundable ones.
  4. The Emirates airlines cancellation policy for non-refundable fares is 200USD if the cancellation is performed within 24 hours. The remaining balance of the fare will be automatically refunded in the original mode of payment. If the cancellation is performed after 24 hours then there will be no provision for refunding money.
  5. Emirates cancellation policy of refundable fare is also 200USD.If the cancellation is performed beyond the timeline of 24 hours then the remaining value of the ticket would be concerned as refund. The refunded amount will proceed automatically after 7-10 business days.

As we have discussed the detailed process of Emirates airline booking with its other aspects. Passengers also face doubts regarding the cancellation & baggage policy of the airline which is mentioned in this article. It is important to know the detailed information about all the aspects of airline before getting your reservation done. In case if you have further doubts & queries related to any operation of Emirates airlines then you can also contact the Emirates airlines customer services.

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