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ingapore Airlines Trip

ingapore Airlines Trip

Flying with Singapore Airlines? Here is Everything You Should Know!

Singapore airlines are the best passenger carrier of Singapore and ranking on the top airline list for more than 20 years. It is been more than 48 years, they are offering groundbreaking services and makes travel easy as well as comfortable. Though there is always room for queries and that person wants to solve fast or want a prompt solution. 

If you are traveling with this airline or doing Singapore Airlines Booking for the first time, then we have covered many things that you should know. You can read further for this. 

How To Do a Booking with Singapore Airlines?

It is the most basic question for those who are doing Singapore Airlines Reservations for the very first time. Though these days everything and every work are done online, and in a similar way, you can book a flight online. There are certain steps that you have to direct. 

  1. First of all, go to the official page of Singapore airlines 
  2. Now, you can check the homepage where you can learn more about the airlines 
  3. Here, you have to click on the book now the option of the airlines 
  4. Next, you can go with the process, where you have to mention the details like origin, destinations as well as the date of traveling with a number of passengers
  5. Click on the search option and now you can see the list of available flight on that day
  6. Here you can compare the price and choose one that seems suitable to you


  1. You have to make payment and that can be done with credit or debit or with points. If you are a member of program or flyer programs, then don’t forget to mention the code that can make a huge difference in price 
  2. Now, follow the instruction and complete the process and the ticket will be sent to the official email

In this way, you can do the booking and if you face any kind of issues, then you can contact the support team. 

What is the Baggage Policy of Singapore Airlines?

Before you board a flight, you should aware of Singapore Airlines' baggage policy. Here you can easily learn about it, and make sure you strictly follow it as airlines have strict baggage policy. 

  1. If you are traveling in suites or first class, then you can take two bags and each of them can be a weight of 32 kg. Here we consider a single bag’s weight. Here you can take the third bag too but that should be mention during booking  
  2. IF the person is flying with the business, then two pieces of bags are allowed and weight should not exceed 32 kg
  3. For premium economy and economy, single bags are allowed and the weight must be 23kg 
  4. The bag dimension must be 165 inches, including all lengths. So if you are more than that, there will be some fee or penalty

Here you can even take more luggage and for that, you have to bear additional charges. You can contact them and know more about the charges that rely on the size and content. So this is Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy and you must get an idea about what and how much luggage you required. 

What is Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy?

If the ticket is canceled due to some reasons then here reasons play an imperative role. On basis of this, you will get refunds. 

  1. You can cancel the ticket within 24 hours of purchasing and that should be purchased at least 7 days prior
  2. If you fail to board the flight, then you might go into the no show condition where the person will no more eligible to get a refund
  3. You can cancel any type of ticket before departure but there will be some kind of cancellation charges 

It is Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy, and make sure you remember it while canceling the ticket. Now, you must get a complete idea about policies and the booking process. You can reach out the customer support for further queries.