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outhwest Airlines Trip

outhwest Airlines Trip

Southwest Airlines

Southwest airlines are one of the low-cost flight booking airlines. They offer flights to the majority of the destinations. Southwest airlines are situated in Dallas. Customers can easily book their flights online on the southwest airlines booking option at the official website of southwest airlines. Online booking offers cheap flights and various deals and discounts. Customers can also add a promo code to book their flight. Southwest provides the best customer services as a customer can approach southwest customer care anytime to solve their problem. Customers can easily change or cancel their flights at no charge. Although southwest offers huge luggage weight to carry. You can choose the seat as per your choice in booking whether it is a back row or a window seat. You can choose southwest airlines for hassle-free booking of flights.

How to Book a Flight Ticket at the Southwest Airlines

It is quite easy and convenient to book the flight ticket online or if you find it difficult in booking a ticket online then you can reserve your seat by dialing the southwest airlines reservation phone number at any time. Follow the steps below to book your flight

  1. Go to the official website of southwest airlines and
  2. Select the flight booking option.
  3. Enter your journey type whether the round trip or one way.
  4. Enter your destination of departure and arrival.
  5. Enter the passenger detailed information.
  6. Add extra baggage if you are travelling in business class.
  7. You can add a promo code if available to lower the flight fare.
  8. Click on the search button and you will see the number of availability of flights.
  9. Choose according to your preference and select to reserve your seat.
  10. Make a payment online and your seat will be confirmed.

What is the Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy?

When you are travelling it is important to understand the southwest airlines baggage policy and need to consider it. It is also important to keep in mind when you are travelling for the first time. Go through the below steps for detailed understanding:

Carryon Baggage

  1. Southwest airlines allow 1 carry-on bag with themselves such as one personal purse, briefcase, and laptop without paying any charge.
  2. The maximum dimension of the bag includes handles and wheels will be 50 linear inches.
  3. Baggage must be properly fit on the upper bin of your seat.

Check-in baggage:

  1. Southwest allow their passengers to carry a maximum of 2 checks in baggage per person and of a maximum 62 inches dimension.
  2. The baggage should be of 23 kg weight and if weight exceeds the limit then southwest charges extra for the baggage.

What is the Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Sometimes customers book their flight and after that are unable to board the flight at the scheduled date of journey and then customers have the option to cancel their flight subject to some condition. There are certain rules and restrictions offered by southwest airlines to cancel any flight. Before cancellation customers need to understand the southwest airlines cancellation policy which is described below:  

  1. Passengers are allowed to cancel their flight within 24 hours from the booking or 7 days before the date of the journey.
  2. If you cancel the flight within 24 hours of the booking then you are not required to charge any cost and your money will be fully refunded.
  3. If you cancel your ticket after 24 hours of the booking then you are required to charge the cancellation fee for both domestic and international flights.
  4. If the ticket is refundable then after cancellation you are required to file a request for the refund.

Following are some of the steps passengers can follow to cancel their flight online:

  1. Open the southwest website and
  2. Click on the login button and enter your correct email and password.
  3. Go to manage booking option and enter the passenger’s information
  4. Enter the full detail of your flight and click on the cancel button
  5. After cancellation, you have to apply for a refund.

If customers found any difficulty then they call to approach the customer care of southwest anytime by call, chat, email or social support.