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A privacy policy is known as a legal agreement that reflects the operation of an organization and a mechanism to handle its affairs. So, whenever you visit your website or buy any available services, then you could be acknowledging Faresflow Privacy Policy. Thus the information included in your policies is displayed below.

Acquisition of Personal Details

One of the chief ways to amplify our services is by gathering consumer’s personal data. It also helps to recognize the previous users, and the things that could be stored as personal information are as follows:-

  • Name with phone number and web mail address
  • Residential address and pin code.
  • Number of passports or any government verification proof number
  • Accounts of social media
  • Details related to booking or contacts

When We Gather Personal Information

We store your personalized details for enhancing facilities, and we can distinctly gather that information. And few of those ways are shown at the bottom:-

  • When you choose to perform booking with us
  • Whenever you reach out to the customer service team for a solution
  • Other platforms, such as social media handles, public records, etc.

Application of Collected Personal Database

Whenever we accumulate personal information, then we only use it to provide a better facility to our users. And the clues about the utilization of those are as follows:-

  • It helps to achieve all kinds of booking and purchase requirements. And with any kind of booking-related communication.
  • It offers a personalized experience to add or enhance the existing service to our consumers.
  • It provides an aid to fulfill any issues shared with us with the help of a newsletter. And also assist with a number of doubts.
  • It assists us in recognizing the lacking areas and necessary improvement for the same.

Avoid Sensitive Information

We strictly prohibit our users for not sharing any kind of confidential information with us. However, that information is as such security numbers of social media accounts, religions, biometric, or any related details.

Safeguarding a Personal Database

Whenever we access your personal information then, we also keep a close eye on safeguarding those. In order to perform any unauthorized tasks, we use the latest tools and techniques. However, we never guarantee that we offer 100% of your personalized database. So, if you notice unauthorized access, then you could notify us on the spot.

GDPR Provision

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679) provision regulates personnel that resides in the European Economic Area. The section of GDPR related to the E.U-U.S and Swiss U.S privacy shield could be scrutinized in the case of transferring any personal database from EEA to the U.S pursuant.

Revision of Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Faresflow is subject to revisions. That we have the discretion to modify or add any clause in our privacy policy. If those things happened, then we would rewrite the same on your official website. So, if you are urged to cope up with the policy, then it is better to visit our authenticated website on a regular basis, and with that, you could be able to keep yourself updated.