Know About IndiGo Manage Booking

Are you looking forward to managing an IndiGo Airlines flight that you have booked? Within a specific length of time following the initial purchase, an IndiGo Airlines reservation can be managed. IndiGo Airlines passengers have till the scheduled departure of their trip to make changes to their reservations. More detailed instructions on how to manage IndiGo Airlines bookings, as well as the restrictions that govern it, may be found below.

How To Manage Your IndiGo Airlines Booking?

Manage booking service offered by IndiGo Airlines is simply accessible via the airline's official website. To discover how to manage my IndiGo Airlines booking, please see the directions below.

  • First and foremost, you should go to the Indigo Airlines website.
  • Then you must select the Manage option from the website's top screen.
  • After that, go to the Manage Booking tab and select View Booking and Edit.
  • Then you must enter your booking reference number in the designated area.
  • After that, you also need to fill in the passenger's last name in the given box.
  • Then hit the Get Itinerary button, and a list of your bookings will appear.
  • Following that, you may pick a specific flight to manage from the list.
  • Then, after making the necessary modifications to your booking, pay any additional fees that may apply before saving it.
  • Finally, IndiGo Airlines will inform you of the modifications you have made to your bookings.

What Are IndiGo Airlines Manage Booking Rules?

Now that you know how to manage IndiGo Airlines bookings, it's time to understand the regulations. The following points will provide you with information on IndiGo Airlines' manage booking regulations.

  • You can view your booked flight information and rectify any inaccurate passenger information using the Manage Booking option on the IndiGo Airline website.
  • With the use of IndiGo Airlines' manage booking tool, you may apply approved adjustments to your schedule, like timing, date, or route alterations.
  • In an emergency, you can also request an online cancellation of your ticket, as per IndiGo Airlines' managed booking guidelines.
  • Travelers can request early seat selection on flights through IndiGo Airlines' managed booking service.
  • According to IndiGo Airlines' manage booking regulations, passengers may also demand extra services in the itinerary, including extra baggage, special meals, and so forth.

All of the key details about IndiGo Airlines' managed booking service, including how to demand it and the basic guidelines, are covered in the preceding section. Passengers who want assistance with an existing or new booking can contact the airline's customer service team.