How To Choose The Best Seat on Ryanair Flight?

Ryanair is one of the best ultra-low-cost airlines, founded in 1984. The airline is made up of Boeing 737s, which are narrow-body aircraft. So before you go ahead with Ryanair seat selection, it will be beneficial for you to know which seats will be more desirable than others. For clear understanding, we have come up with some useful information below that will help you know more about the best seats on a Ryanair flight.

Discuss The Seats You Should Avoid With Ryanair

Although everyone has their preferences, it is recommended that when you fly with Ryanair, avoid rows 11 and 12 for these reasons.

  • Row 11 doesn't have any window on the left, and the seat map on the Ryanair website doesn't indicate this.
  • Row 12 is quite better because it has windows on both sides. But in some cases, the Ryanair Boeing 737 planes have panels instead of windows, so you will have to lean forward to get an outside view.

The Seats Which Are Best When Flying With Ryanair

When you are ready to pay for seat selection, you get an opportunity to select the best seats for you. In that case, you must be careful with your seat selection. Here you can go through some points worth mentioning below to decide which seats are best.

  • Though they have extra legroom for the first-row seats, they are too expensive.
  • Seats above the wings, too, have extra legroom, but they are also too expensive.
  • Moreover, there are some seats which you can prefer, like seats towards the rear of the plane cabin, as the airline has stairs at the front and rear exit, you will get access to a quick exit.
  • Seats at the plane's rear are cheaper than those in the front, with little advantage.
  • Besides, if you face any delay or canceled flight due to overbooking, you can also file a claim for compensation for the delay.
  • If you are Ok with the prices, you can go ahead with first-row seats and the seats above the wings.

So considering the above points, if you have a reservation with Ryanair and are looking for a Ryanair seat booking, you can get the best seats with Ryanair. Apart from that, you can also speak to the customer support team of Ryanair to get additional information in this regard.

Hoping you get the answer to your query and are left with no further doubts now; still, if you have any queries, please feel free to share.