Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy

Suppose you are soon to travel by Air Canada and have a confirmed booking, yet you need to change the flight due to recent changes in your plans. In that case, it’s good to know that Air Canada allows such flight changes following the rules as stated in the Air Canada Flight Change Policy, the details of which are stated ahead. One should go through the flight change policy before changing their Air Canada flight booking. The following are some of the points out of the comprehensive Air Canada Policies for flight changes.

  • Air Canada flight changes within the 24 hours of the booking are free of charge, irrespective of a ticket’s class type.
  • After 24 hours from the booking, flight changes may invite a change fee depending on your fare type.
  • In any case, no changes can be made within the last 2 hours from the flight departure.
  • For every case, if one changes their flight reservation to a costlier one, the difference in fares will have to be paid.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy—Basic Economy

Air Canada doesn’t allow any amendments to an essential economy flight reservation as stated under the Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy for Basic Economy. Thus, once you book a basic economy flight ticket and want to change it, the only way is to cancel your basic economy flight within 24 hours of the reservation and receive a full refund. Next, one can book the new flight they want.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy—Standard Economy

  1. For those traveling in Air Canada standard economy, a flight change fee of USD 100 is applied on ticket amendments within 60 days of booking.
  2. After 61 days of booking the standard economy ticket, USD 25 will have to be paid as amendment fees.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy—Flex Fares

Changing a Flex fare reservation is comparatively cheaper when compared to standard economy fares. According to Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy for Flex Fares, the charges of changing a flex fare flight are USD 50 within 60 days and USD 25 on the next day onwards.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy—Comfort Fares 

  1. An Air Canada commuter will pay USD 25 for each flight change regardless of the time elapsed since the booking was made. 
  2. Still, one can make the changes within 24 hours from the booking to skip paying any change fee.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee—Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business Class Fares

Latitude, Premium economy, and Business class fare travelers possess the most advantage on any flight service they want, including flight changes. Air Canada Flight Change Fee for Business Class Fares and the Latitude and Premium Economy class fares is USD 0. Thus, they can change their flights anytime they need to, barring the last 2 hours before departure, without paying any flight change charges.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy—Award Tickets 

Air Canada flight change fees for Award tickets are generally fixed at USD 100. However, those enrolled in the Aeroplane Diamond will be charged USD 75, and those who are part of the Altitude Super Elite 100k can change their flight free of any charge.

Air Canada Same-Day Change Fee

For those who are looking to change their flight to another one on the same day, the flight change charges according to the flight class would be:

  • The standard Economy is $ 150.
  • Flex and comfort class is $75.
  • Award tickets change fee on the same day is the same as their regular flight change fees.
  • Latitude, Premium economy, and business class fees for changing flights are $ 0.

How To Change Your Air Canada Flight Booking?

  • One will have to contact their original booking source to get their reservations changed. Those who booked the tickets from a third party or a travel agency will have to contact the same vendor to make changes.
  • People who booked the flights directly from Air Canada or Google Flights, Skyscanner, and other authorized vendors of Air Canada can directly reach out to Air Canada or use their website to make the required changes.
  • The option of Manage Booking on the Air Canada homepage can be used to fetch and change one’s reservation. One would need the flight reservation details, which can be found in the booking confirmation email.

If the website is inaccessible, contacting Air Canada customer support will be the best way to make a quick flight change and ask any other queries one may have.

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