What Is The Most Popular Part of LA?

Who does not know about Las Angeles, America's famed city of angels? Inarguably one of the most famous counties in the U.S., and significant credit goes down to the presence of the acclaimed and globally loved Hollywood, Los Angeles is furthermore a huge cultural powerhouse of modern U.S.

With the county brimming with a diverse populace, their constant intermixing combined with the backdrop of history, the city has become the creative stronghold of America. Blessed thoroughly with crisp weather with moderate to hot temperatures and plenty of sun year-round, the county is replete with culinary outlets, shopping centers, art, and modern and history museums, all counted as significant tourist attractions in Los Angeles. Along with a rich assortment of clubs and active nightlife aesthetics, all of this makes Los Angeles one of the most favored tourist destinations. A list of these must-visit places in Los Angeles has been given below.


Who can visit Los Angeles but not walk through the esteemed Hollywood boulevard? The Hollywood phenomenon has been one of the most influential markers of modern civilization, and its massive impact in shaping the postmodern culture and lifestyle is undeniable. And all of that came through this iconic place, Hollywood. A suburb of Los Angeles, though a town in physical dimensions once experienced, it's a world in itself.

  1. Almost every corner of Hollywood has some history in itself, and even the whole Hollywood boulevard contains so many things to see.
  2. Numerable historical and iconic sites mark this whole suburb.
  3. Almost all attractions are intimately linked to the silver screen and its history.
  4. One cannot miss out on the Hollywood sign, the Chinese theatre, and, as stated, the Hollywood Boulevard.

Disneyland Resort

Well, if one can think of giving their little ones the time of their lives, or at least something to talk about for years, then Disneyland is the place to go. This resort is California's premier spot for a family holiday, and it's not just the kidneys that can have the time of their lives here.

  1. The Disneyland park boasts exciting, unrivaled fun rides and elaborate, distinguished theme sets.
  2. The Disneyland California Adventure Park is a later built part due to the expansion drive of the main Disneyland resort. This is where one can enjoy the most exciting rides, adventure games, theme parks, and furthermore.
  3. This part of the park is built in seven parts, and each of the seven lands is based on cult Disney movie themes.
  4. Star-war addicts can be sent in an enjoyable overdrive as the resort has several Star-Wars-themed rides and various shops and restaurants which look like the Black Spire Outpost on the exoplanet of Batuu. And that's something vividly enough for anyone's Instagram.
  5. One can find their favorite Disney characters walking the scenes, and kids can find their favorite princesses, or adults may have a talk with Captain jack Sparrow. Yes, that is totally possible. 
  6. Leisure resorts, hotels, restaurants, shopping, and all kinds of services are available for a comfortable stay for vacations.

Natural History of Museum of LA County

While the Jurassic Park movie series was enough to give the viewers a more than-needed share of excitement and gasps, the real deal can be found here at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. And the real deal gets as real as it can be, as the Museum is world-renowned for its astonishing collection of Dinosaurs, though not alive but as fossils, but still totally real as established.

  1. The Museum houses numerous galleries with a permanent collection that is so extensive that it covers almost all range of topics to humans.
  2. And if one can cover all those topics, they can come and explore the 14000 square foot Dinosaur hall with awe-inspiring displays of Dino skeletons.
  3. One can see the Tyrannosaurus rex fossil series called the "Growth Series," popularly known as T-rex from the Jurassic Park series.
  4. Among the most exciting aspects of the Museum is how it showcases the natural history of California and its surroundings for the past 500 years and how the city of angels, Los Angeles, came to be.

Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park

As if Hollywood wasn't enough to thrill the tourists, and if one cannot get enough of the sheen of the silver screen, do visit Universal Studios. Tagged as Mini Hollywood, it's surprising that people visit here for the foot-staggering rides based on Hollywood's blockbuster movies, only to find a working movie studio still full of its daily hustle-bustle.

  1. The roller coasters and the simulators are the highlights of this place.
  2. Potterhead can experience the wizarding world here, and other themes are from The Simpsons, Transformers, Minions, Jurassic park, etc.
  3. The tourist attraction has many visitors, so consider buying the "Skip the line" ticket or the "Front of Line" pass to get a one-time fast entry to every park ride and attraction.
  4. The CityWalk offers shopping, dining, theatre, and leisure experience within the studio's premises. One can get here when tired, and the three-block setup of the CityWalk won't disappoint. 
  5. Finally, those who want can see the sets and ongoing work at the studio through a VIP pass that is not available to the general public.

The Getty Center

Santa Monica Mountain range is one of the most visited natural reserves, endowed with a bounty of natural beauty. And one of these hilltops of this mountain range lies the Getty Center. Designed by Richard Meier and encompassing a mammoth 110 acres of land, this complex is the ideal setting for the wide variety of artistic offerings the place has. The Museum is placed strategically to tingle the "Art-buds" of art connoisseurs and aesthetes. The building, with its architecture which is one of its kind, and the beautiful grounds it holds are a dream come true for any renaissance fanatic. The collection contains choice European paintings and drawings, master sculptures, decoratives, and iconic 19th and 20th-century photographs. J. Paul Getty, the owner of the Getty Center, has created an art haven just as he might have wished for, and one has to be here to see why Los Angeles is considered a creative center of America.

California Science Center

  1. After dealing with recreation and art, it's essential to talk about the scientific side of the city.
  2. The California Science Center is home to the iconic space shuttle Endeavour, whose contributions to Space research and exploration are sure to be a tale of its own.
  3. The space shuttle is currently on display at the Samuel Oschin Pavillion.
  4. The science center also has exhibits that deal with life on earth, ecosystem, scientific history, and living beings like plants and terrestrial and marine animals.

Santa Monica

If other Los Angeles destinations overwhelm one with sensory overload, the beachside town of Santa Monica is the place to be. The whole streets showcase the chic side of the district, and the evident laid-back ambiance of the community can make one grounded and at peace while retaining some element of fun and frolic.

  1. The usual population on the streets and beaches comprises surfers, skateboarders, yoga enthusiasts, and the corporate crowd.
  2. Once experienced, one can't forget the golden sands at sunset on the beautiful stretch of the coast at Santa Monica Pier. 
  3. The whole district has an effusive, lively character to it at all times, from one sunrise to another.
  4. The Santa Monica bay coastline has other notable attractions like Venice Beach and the Will Rogers state beach to the south and north.

The Broad

The Broad was inaugurated in late 2015, and one could not have guessed its exponential rise to popularity and success in a matter of a few years. The collection within this Museum specifically targets contemporary and postwar artwork, and the total number of artworks is above 2000, with the display style focusing on the "Veil-and-vault" concept. One can find a few rather large and dramatic installations that can appeal to many' of s eccentric nature. Tickets are free of charge, but the tickets are always booked out in advance with the massive popularity. And visiting special exhibitions carry a fee.

Venice Beach

  1. As soon as one gets to Venice beach, one can immediately feel the one-of-a-kind vibe of the place. 
  2. The golden sands coupled with the Venice Beach Boardwalk are forever filled with people doing various activities. One can see people walking, cycling, skating, or on a light jog.
  3. The Venice Skatepark, just off the beach, is visited by great skateboarders with a number of pop art installations at the park, making it a great place of modern aesthetics.
  4. While it cannot be termed a family walk, it is still good enough, with restaurants and creative shops lining the whole area.

Thus, anyone planning to get to Los Angeles can go through the list of the most visited place in LA and plan their trips accordingly to make the most of it.