Allegiant Airlines Check-in Policy

Allegiant Airlines passengers can go through the airline check-in policy to know the check-in details and make the onboarding experience easier and smoother. The Allegiant Airlines check-in policy details are as listed ahead.

  1. One can check in through the website, the mobile application, and physically at the airport.
  2. The check-in time period is different for each option and is described in the following sections.
  3. Those who have an infant with them have to check-in at the airport.
  4. If someone is carrying a portable wheelchair, musical instruments, etc., they have to arrive earlier at the airport irrespective of the check-in time.
  5. All passengers are advised to get to the airport two hours before domestic and three hours before an international flight.

Allegiant Airlines Check-in Time

Allegiant Airlines Check-in time depends upon the method one desires to use for the check-in. The start and cut-off Allegiant Airlines Check-in Time for each of these methods are as described below:

Online Check-in Time

  • The online check-in allows a person to use the official Allegiant Air website check-in. 
  • Though this is a paid option, it allows one to check in easily. 
  • The online check-in opens a day before the scheduled departure and shuts off 45 minutes before the flight takeoff.

Mobile Check-in Time

The mobile check-in using the Allegiant Air mobile application starts 24 hours before the scheduled departure and closes 45 mins before the flight departure.

Airport Counter Check-in Time

  • Those at the airport can check-in at Airport Counters three hours before the scheduled departure for international flights.
  • The check-in time cut-off is 45 mins before the departure of an international Allegiant flight.
  • For Domestic flights, the check-in begins two hours earlier than the flight takeoff and closes 30 mins before the flight departure.

Allegiant Airlines Online Check-in

Allegiant Airlines' online check-in option is present on the official website of Allegiant. Allegiant Airlines Online Check-in allows one the luxury of comfortable check-ins without waiting in the queue at the airport counters. One can have the boarding pass sent to them on the email address linked to the flight reservation, which can be presented as an e-document or printed out and carried to the airport. 

The Procedure of The Online Check-in is as Follows:

  1. Using a recently-updated browser, reach the homepage of Allegiant Air and click on the "Check-in" tab.
  2. The browser will load a new webpage and enter the flight reservation details as the page asks.
  3. Use the "Check-in" button and pay for the web check-in price.
  4. An email signifying a successful sign-in will be sent to the linked email address, and one can download the boarding pass attached to the email.
  5. This boarding pass can be printed or carried as an e-document to the airport.

Allegiant Airlines Mobile Check-in

The mobile application of Allegiant Air can be downloaded from the mobile device's application store if one doesn't have the application. An allegiant air account is needed to sign in to the application, and one can create a free account and then log into the application. Next, click on the "Check-in" and select the flight reservation from the available list or search for it. The Allegiant Airlines Mobile Check-in will be confirmed once the check-in price is paid, and the boarding pass will be generated on the mobile application, which can be downloaded and printed.

Allegiant Airlines Airport Desk/Counter Check-in

  • Physical check-ins can be done via the self-help kiosks or the Airport check-in counters at the airport.
  • One can enter the reservation details at the self-help kiosks to check in for their flight reservation and get the boarding pass.
  • The passengers can also get to the check-in counter queue and get the boarding pass from the Allegiant air assistants. 
  • However, one should make ample time for check-in through the airport and drop off the bags at the checked baggage counter.
  • The airport counter check-in also allows one to find a seat of one's choice or get an upgrade if available.
  • Boarding pass printing at the airport will charge a $5 fee.
  • An unaccompanied minor between the age of 15-17 years and people older than 18 years have to present identity proof for the airport counter check-in.

Allegiant Airlines Boarding Process

The Allegiant Air boarding process begins 90 minutes before the actual flight departure and cuts off 30 mins before the flight takeoff. Passengers have to make it before these 30 mins, or the Allegiant Airlines Boarding will be denied and the reservation canceled. For domestic flights, the boarding gates will close 15 mins before the flight departure.

  • If one is boarding the Allegiant flight with baggage to be placed in the overhead bin, the boarding will be made from the aircraft's back.
  • A random seat will be allocated to those who didn't opt for a seat by Allegiant Air.

Various Boarding Priorities for an Allegiant Flight:

  • Preboarding: For passengers with special needs and who require special assistance.
  • Priority Boarding: For passengers who purchased the priority access boarding pass.
  • Military Boarding: For military personnel on active duty and their dependents.
  • Family Boarding: For families with strollers and baby car seats.

Different Boarding Zones on an Allegiant Flight:

  • Zone 1. For those flyers occupying exit row seats. 
  • Zone 2. Those flyers are seated in rows 25-40 and travel without carry-on baggage. 
  • Zone 3. Those flyers are seated in rows 1-24 and travel without carry-on baggage. 
  • Zone 4. For those flyers to be seated in rows 25-40 with carry-on baggage. 
  • Zone 5. Those flyers are seated in rows 10-24 and travel with carry-on baggage. 
  • Zone 6. For those flyers to be seated in rows 1-9 with carry-on baggage.

Customers looking for Allegiant airlines airport counter check-in have to be made if the online check-in doesn't work or one has pets to travel with them. Unaccompanied minors also have to get to the airport for check-in, and every passenger should make ample time to have a good buffer for dropping off their bags, pets, etc., and getting on the plane.