British Airways Boarding Groups & Process

British Airways is undoubtedly one of the best Airlines you can come across. It makes boarding groups of nine. In that manner, the Airlines decide which group needs to board early and which doesn't. British Airways does not have a first-class or premium economy cabin on the shortened route. That is the reason some passenger categories are not in the short-haul groups. In the short router, business class passengers are the ones in group one because they're the top priority in the short-haul. Apart from this, the boarding procedure is entirely the same. It doesn't matter where you're traveling. The queue might be extended when it comes to boarding after group four. The reason is that the most significant section of the board comes after group 4. To know the complete information regarding the boarding groups, you can go through the information below. Then your query will be fixed.

British Airways Boarding Groups

There are several boarding groups. You only need to go through the details of the groups below. Then you'll be able to understand when you'll be able to board.

BA Short-Haul Flights

To know the BA Short-haul Flights groups, you can go through the categories of the groups given below. Then you'll be able to understand where you're going to be. Airlines will ensure that you can board without any inconvenience. 


  • In case you're a part of a family with infants or children who need to be carried in strollers. Then you'll be able to get the facility of Pre boarding. 
  • Suppose you're a customer who needs some assistance because you're physically disabled. Then you'll be able to get the facility of Pre-boarding. 

Priority Group 1

  • All passengers who have made the booking in the business class will be counted in group 1. 
  • If you've joined the executive club gold member, you'll be counted in group one. 
  • Members of the Oneworld Emerald are going to be counted in group1. 

Priority Group 2

  • Members from the Executive club silver member. 
  • Members of the Oneworld Sapphire. 

Priority Group 3

  • Bronze members from the executive clubs will be considered in group 3. 
  • All the Oneworld Ruby members will be counted in this group.

Groups 4 Through 9

  • Economy passengers will be included in group 4 to make the boarding. 

BA Long-Haul Flights

BA Long-haul Flights have different group categories. That means you only need to go through the information below to understand which group you'll be boarding the flight. 


  • In case you belong to a family with an infant or have children who need to be carried in a stroller, you'll be able to get the facility of being counted in this group. 
  • If you're a person who belongs to a physically disabled group or you need some mobility assistance, then you'll be included in this category. 

Priority Group 1

  • If you're a passenger who has made the booking in the first-class cabin of the Airline. 
  • In case you're a member of the Executive gold club. 
  • All the members of the Oneworld Emerald club. 

Priority Group 2

  • All the travelers of the business class are going to be included in group 2. 
  • Members of the British Airways executive silver members. 
  • Members of the Oneworld Sapphire members. 

Priority Group 3

  • The passengers from the premium economy. 
  • The members from the executive club bronze. They are going to be included in Group 3 for boarding. 
  • All the members of the Oneworld Ruby are going to be included in this category of group 3. 

Groups 4 Through 9

  • Passengers from the economy class will be counted in group number four. 
  • If you're one of those passengers traveling by hand baggage, only fare. Then you'll be counted in Group number4. 

Boarding Notes.

  • Passengers traveling with each other might be assigned to a different boarding group. However, they will have the option to see the gate agent and after his permission board together. 
  • It is completely at the discretion of the gate agent in which group you will be assigned and if you'll be allowed to board together even though you were given different groups.
  • If you're traveling with young children, you're always recommended to reach the gate at least forty minutes before the flight's departure time. In this manner, the other passengers will have much time to board.
  • Passengers who need special assistance in boarding the flight or who are physically disabled need to contact British Airways at least forty-eight hours before the flight's departure time. So that the airlines can make proper preparations for you. 

You can connect with the customer support of British Airways to inform them about your boarding time and the assistance you need. In that manner, the Airline will make the complete arrangement for you. For example - if you have the requirement for a wheelchair. Then it would help if you informed customer support regarding it. The Airline will ensure that by the time you'll reach the airport, a wheelchair and a person will be there to assist you. You can call the official number of British Airways regarding that. Make sure you have phoned the official number instead of any third-party number. Then it would help if you chose the options relevant to your issue. An executive from the customer service team of British Airways will be there to assist you. 

Hand Baggage Only Fares

  • Hand baggage-only fare is undoubtedly the easiest and least expensive option you can come across.
  • At the same time, customers don't get enough facilities through this option. At these fares, you're not going to get the facility of the checked baggage. 
  • You'll be able to get the facility of carrying your item in the flight cabin. You're not going to get the facility of choosing your seat location. 
  • In case you would like to select your seat, then you need to make the payment regarding that.
  • If you're traveling with a family in hand baggage only fare, you'll be assigned the seats at the exact location. It can be in different rows. However, airlines will ensure that you all sit close to each other. 
  • Children under twelve years of age need to sit with their parents. 
  • If you're boring as the last passenger, then there is a chance that you will have limited overhead bin space. 

While choosing this option of traveling, you must ensure you don't have baggage for check-in and will carry your luggage in the cabin. In that manner, you'll be able to save a lot on your fare charge. 

How To Build Up Your British Airways Avios Balance

The BA program regarding the Executive club uses Avios as the mileage currency. So, it is essential to ensure that you have used this currency. Airlines like Iberia, Aer Lingus, and Qatar Airways use this currency. British Airways had made sure that they had their award charts. 

In case you want to earn more and more Avios quickly. Then make it certain that you have used the Visa signature card of British Airways. Once you have signed up for this card, you will get a bonus of 100,000 Avios. That is a great way to start with a significant amount of British Airways Avios Balance. However, the minimum amount of Avios you need to spend is undoubtedly very high, so this might not be sufficient for you. 

Even the American Airlines membership rewards are going to help you out in increasing your balance. If you're looking forward to using Avios, then there is a good chance that you will find the high fuel surcharges, in case you have made the booking on the British Airlines metal. To avoid these surcharges, you should always use Avios on short-haul flights. Hopefully, your query regarding the British Airways Boarding Groups is answered.