Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your Cathay Pacific airline, you will notice that it might be costlier and, in some scenarios, quite confusing. So, once you go by this explained section, you will get immediate answers to every single question which is discussed here below is quite an easy language. Therefore, after you go through this below section, you will have the answer to the Cathay Pacific cancellation policy, how it properly works and how easily you can save money in circumstances where you wish to cancel to change your Cathay Pacific flight ticket.

Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy for Full Refunds

As per Cathay Pacific's cancellation policy for full refunds, passengers who buy non-refundable tickets are not refundable. Although in case you wish to know more about the situations under which you will get full refunds on the unused portion of your ticket in the following conditions.

  • Passenger must cancel their itinerary before the departure date to avoid being charged a no-show fee
  • Moreover, the refunds for the canceled flight usually takes up to 7 business days for credit card and the payments made through PayPal medium, and 20 calendar days for cash or bank payment will take
  • Further, in case you wish to cancel an already changed or reissued ticket, then the cancellation amount would ultimately depend on whether your ticket qualifies to have a full refund
  • Finally, partially used tickets will be refunded per applicable rules with the credit card or bank account by which the original payment was made.

Compensation Provided by Cathay Pacific

  • However, in case you were denied from boarding the flight despite having a confirmed booking, then you are entitled to receive a denied boarding compensation of USD 624 in cash or travel vouchers as per your choice or USD 312 plus 40000 Asia miles
  • Ahead of this, the denied boarding compensation will get reduced by 50% in case you are offered an alternate flight under comparable conditions which might not exceed your scheduled arrival time by more than 4 hours
  • Though, in cases, if your flight ticket has been canceled and no alternate flight is offered to you, then the customer is entitled to receive compensation of USD 624
  • Lastly, if your flight ticket is canceled, but you are offered an alternate flight that does not exceed your original scheduled arrival time by more than 4hours, then the compensation paid to you will be reduced by 50%.

Cathay Pacific Policy for Long Flight Delays

Now, if you wish to gather more accurate information on Cathay Pacific's policy for long flight delays, you should go through this below section and get every point well discussed.

  • If your flight ticket is delayed by at least 4 hours, you are offered the following free of charge;
    1. Meals and refreshments are commensurate while you’re wasting time 
    2. Two phone calls, emails, and telex/fax messages
  • Ahead of your flight ticket is delayed until the next day, you are going to offer the following services free of cost;
    1. Hotel accommodation
    2. You will be provided with transportation service to and from the hotel to the airport.
  • Next, if your flight is delayed by at least 5 hours, you can cancel your itinerary and have full refunds on the price at which you purchased your ticket.

Cathay Pacific 24-Hour Flight Cancellation Policy

You must meet the following conditions in the scenarios where you should know to qualify for a 24-hour cancellation and refund.

  • You should always make your booking via online Cathay Pacific U.S official website 
  • Ahead your flight must be to/from the U.S and
  • Moreover, you must cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchase
  • Finally, while you book, your flight departure must be at least 7 days away.

Cathay Pacific Ticket Cancellation Fee

To know about the Cathay Pacific ticket cancellation fee, you must meet some essential tips which you are going to have from this below section.

  • Cathay Pacific cancellation fee for the unused or partially used ticket is around USD 150 per passenger, and instead of this, USD 200 per passenger for the expired tickets
  • While case you are holding a non-refundable fare and don’t qualify for a refund, then you will get charged USD 150 to re-book the following types of fare Promotional, Economy save, Premium Economy Standard, and Business save
  • A cheaper option for the current COVID-19 scenario is to re-book your flight to a later date, or you can exchange your flight ticket for a Cathay credit free of charge option.