How To Get a Refund from China Airlines?

China airline is undoubtedly a great airline. Make certain that you have followed the correct refund procedure and policy. In that manner, you’ll be able to get your refund without any delay. For China Airlines flight ticket refund, you need to visit their website, and after that, through the Manage booking option, you’ll be able to make the flight change or the cancellation you want to make. To know the exact procedure and the refund policy, Follow the steps below.

China Airlines Refund Policy

  • To avoid the cancellation fee, you must make certain that you have canceled the flight within 24 hours of departure.
  • To avoid the cancellation fee, the other mandatory factor you need to follow is maintaining the seven-day gap between the booking date and the departure date. This is the second mandatory condition to avoid the cancellation fee. 
  • In case your booking has been canceled by the China airline. Then you will be entitled to get a full refund of the reservation cost. 
  • While making the cancellation, you’ll be able to see the information on your screen, whether it is refundable or not. 

The procedure of China Airlines Ticket Cancellation

  • Go to the official website of the China airline. 
  • Search China Airlines on any search engine. After the search is over, tap on the top link. 
  • Once you’re on the new page, tap on the “Manage to book” button. 
  • You must write the “Booking reference number” and your “surname.” 
  • That is it. Click on the “Search button.” 
  • You’ll come across your booking. You need to open it and then click on the flight change or cancellation button. 
  • Once you have done that, you would need to make the changes at your convenience. 
  • That is it. Before you make the cancellation, you’ll come to know if it is refundable or non - refundable. 

Apply for a Refund via China Airlines Customer Service

  • Open the official page of the China airline. 
  • Search “China airline” on any search engine. In case you’re not aware of the direct link to the website. After the search is over, tap on the top link. 
  • Scroll down, and under the heading of “Customer service,” you’ll see the button “Contact us.” 
  • Now dial China Airlines' official number 1 (800) 227-5118.

That is it. You have to select the suitable options now, and you’ll be in touch with a customer support executive. Hopefully, your query regarding the China Airlines refund policy is cleared. Have a nice flight.