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How Do You Request China Eastern Airlines to Get a Refund?

Are you looking for information on how to obtain your refund from China Eastern Airlines? China Eastern Airlines has a decent policy for granting ticket refunds to travelers who faces some emergency. You should be able to get your refund promptly and easily if you fulfil all of China Eastern Airlines' conditions. They provide a service where travelers may seek a refund using their official website or by contacting the reservations department. Read the information provided below to learn more about how to receive a refund from China Eastern Airlines.

Learn How to Get Your Refund from China Eastern Airlines?

Are you thinking that how you can get a refund from China Eastern Airlines? In that scenario, the guidelines below will provide you with the necessary information on how to get a refund from China Eastern Airlines.

  1. Click on my flight in China Eastern Airlines' manage booking area and fill in your reference number and last name
  2. Next you will receive an overview of your booking on the screen after selecting the Submit button
  3. To receive a refund on your airline ticket, you must first confirm the flight cancellation
  4. In order to receive a refund, enter the ticket type and number that has to be cancelled
  5. You will be sent to a page where you must fill in the relevant information to authenticate your flight details
  6. Finally, after submitting your refund request China Eastern Airlines will process the refund to your original payment mode

What is The Refund Policy of The China Eastern Airlines?

China Eastern Airlines' refund policy allows passengers to receive a reimbursement for a cancelled flight if certain requirements and circumstances are met. You may find more information about China Eastern Airlines refund policy by reading the points listed below.

  1. You may request a refund if you did not use the ticket throughout its validity term, according to China Eastern Airline's refund policy. This must be completed during the refund period.
  2. If you did not utilize the tickets or other China Eastern Airlines service for personal reasons, you may obtain a refund by requesting this within the refund period.
  3. If you have not used your flight ticket, you will receive a refund equal to the ticket price minus the refund charge indicated by fare type.
  4. If you only use part of your ticket, you will get a refund equivalent to the ticket price minus the one-way or round-trip fee applied to the utilized partitioning.

You may get information on how to receive a refund from China Eastern Airlines as well as the airline's policy by looking through the info available above.

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